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The BIIA Newsletter November II – 2011 Issue is posted on this website.

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Late Breaking News:

  • Tinubu Square Gets a € 11.3 million Investment to Boost Expansion
  • United Kingdom:  A New Upstart in Business Information Causes Sleepless Nights For Competitors
  • Three Card Poker: Big Data, Data Mining / Extraction, Workflow and Processes
  • India to Launch Online Business Portal
  • BIIA Business Information Forum 2012 March 20th, 2012 in Hong Kong

Member News:

  • TransUnion Reports Double Digit Growth in Emerging Market Operations
  • TransUnion Acquired Financial Healthcare Systems LLC
  • Bisnode Divests Pointer
  • Bisnode’s German Subsidiary Hoppenstedt Launches Hoppenstedt360
  • D&B Introduces Turkey Risk Map
  • Equifax Launches Game-Changing Solutions for the Whole Loan Market

Industry News:

  • Experian launches Fraud Prevention in Russia
  • Experian Reports Strong Growth in all Markets and Services Sectors
  • New FICO Analytic Solution Helps Banks Ensure Compliance and Improve Performance of Predictive Models
  • First American Offers to Buy CoreLogic Units, Com
  • Gartner’s Revenues Increased 17% to US$ 345.8 Million in Q3
  • Kroll to Bring Bond Ratings Agency to London in 2012
  • AOL Huffington Post Launches HuffPost Small Business
  • Verisk Analytics, Inc. Delivers 18.4% Revenue Growth in Q3
  • LexisNexis in Strategic Relationship with iyeTek to launch LexisNexis eCrash

News from China

  • Alipay to Serve International Customers
  • China Triangular Debt Situation Causes Concern

From the User Corner

  • New Transparency in Credit Management – Value Added Through Internal and External Information Sources
  • News from the FCIB Credit Management Meeting in Vienna

From the Regulatory Corner

  • Malaysia Adopts Personal Data Protection Act

People on the Move:  Someone you may know?


BIIA Business Information Forum 2012:

You are invited to participate in the planning of this event.  The main themes will be:

Big Data:  The next Frontier for Innovation, Competition and Productivity

In the past few years all of the pre-conditions for the data revolution have seemingly assembled themselves.  We are getting more skilled in adding value to text through mark up.  Sophisticated taxonomies working in conjunction with refined inference rules add ontologies and create further layers of value.  Big Data is identified as a critical factor in strategic thinking in our industry. 

E-commerce in Asia:  Alibaba has become synonymous to e-commerce in China and is in its own right an emerging powerhouse of business information.  We will examine the rise of e-commerce platforms and B2B online media in Asia and what it means for the rest of the world

Eliminating Asymmetries in Credit Information in emerging markets is part of the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC World Bank Group) critical mission to establish sound financial infrastructures.  The IFC (World Bank Group) highlight current programs in Asia

Sourcing Business Information in Asia is a tedious task given the asymmetries in credit information.  Users of credit information will debate with information experts how to eliminate asymmetries in credit information.

State of Information in Asia within a Global Context:  Steve Goodall gave a riveting account of the current state of information in the BIIA Forum 2011.  He provided an important take-away for his audience: Help your customers make money, save money, or mitigate risk. Develop platforms, not products.  Invest in Web and customer analytics.  We look forward to an update.

We look forward for your ideas and suggestions.  Otherwise we look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong.

Best regards

Joachim C Bartels

Managing Director