Istanbul School of Central Banking (IMB) and Statistics Department of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) co-organized the Workshop on Challenges and Worldwide Applications of Credit Reporting Systems on December 3-4.

A total of 45 participants including 22 other Central Bank  attendants from 14 countries actively contributed to the workshop. The program aimed at an open dialogue platform for credit reporting service providers who are involved in collecting, processing, analyzing and distributing the credit information and derivatives in different aspects and purposes varying from central banks to credit bureaus. The program was designed to exchange of experience not only among the central banks but also among international unions and institutions.

First day, international institutions such as World Bank and ECB shared their view and projects about the credit reporting area. On the one hand, best practices of World Bank International Committee on Credit Reporting was introduced as a guideline for the credit service providers and users. On the other hand, challenging project of European Central Bank, unifying the new defined credit dataset of National Central Banks, Anacredit, was told in all aspects. The experts from European Central Banks presented their system and preparations for Anacredit. For Turkey, speakers from CBRT and KKB (Credit Bureau of Turkey) showed the progress and future projects in credit reporting systems and collaboration among the public and private sector in Turkey. It followed with the Asian experience covering the biggest credit reporting database of the world, China and sophisticated system of Indonesia and challenges for financial inclusion were explained in detail.

Second day, the dynamic credit reporting and business information institutions such as BIIA and FEBIS showed the new dimensions of the sector and the expected worldwide usage of alternative data. In the last session, Latin American and African credit reporting structure, projects and regional challenges were shared with the participants.

In the picture Neil Munroe, Deputy Managing Director of BIIA, discusses the work of the World Bank International Committee of Credit Reporting of which BIIA is a long standing member.  He also presented on the work of BIIA as one of the largest networks for business information.

Source:  Central Bank of Turkey