Welcome to the thirty sixth monthly newsletter designed to keep BIIA members informed of the significant developments on the policy dossiers being worked on in Europe and in other geographical territories.   To download the newsletter please click on this link: BIIA Monthly EU Regulatory Newsletter 061019


Our newsletter this month provides a number of updates on the subject of privacy, both in terms of GDPR in Europe and action taken further afield to reflect the growing concern by regulators in other territories around the world about the impact on the rights of individuals of the growing digital world we live in. 

Of note in the newsletter are several developments in the interpretation of GDPR both at a country level and through the courts, for example the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling on the Google case on right to be forgotten. This type of activity was predicted by many following the regulation coming into force and there is no doubt we will see further activity in the future as organisations and regulators seek to interpret precisely what the regulation means.   

We also cover in the newsletter a number of developments relating to data, including the launch of the independent report – ‘Data sharing in credit markets – Does comprehensiveness matter? sponsored by our sister association, ACCIS, which provides a comprehensive qualitative analysis of ‘non-traditional’ data and why its use in creditworthiness assessments should be complementary to traditional credit data types. We also report on a number of developments in the area of ‘Open Data’ both in Europe and further afield which will no doubt have an impact on the future of credit information. 

As readers will be aware the future of data is a key element of a number of the panel discussions that will take place at the 2019 Biennial Conference being held in Bangkok from October 30th to November 1st. More details on the subjects being discussed can be found by clicking here. To understand how data and other developments are changing the future of risk management we strongly recommend your register to attend as soon as possible, as registration will be closing very soon. 

We look forward to seeing readers of this newsletter in Bangkok.

Neil Munroe
Deputy Managing Director
BIIA – Business Information Industry Association

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