2013 BIIA WEBSITE TRAFFIC Nov 2013BAppearances of BIIA Directors at recent industry events are probably one of the causes for renewed interest in BIIA as the unique visitor count peaked at 44,753 with 81.2% being new visitors.  These visitors pulled over 189,905 pages from www.biia.com

Another reason is the fact that BIIA has become one of the largest networks and information sources for business information professionals.  BIIA covers 800 industry 2013 BIIA WEBSITE TRAFFIC Nov 2013Acategories: Companies, services, countries etc. with a consistent review of major industry events, mergers and acquisitions, product introductions, partnerships and international expansion.

We also have a number of new members.  Their profile can be viewed on 2013 Nov Returning Visitorshttps://2018.biia.com/category/members/full-members or https://2018.biia.com/category/meet-our-associate-members

In case you have missed some of the recent stories, here are the links to the most recent discussion papers:

BIIA Chairman David Worlock:




BIIA Deputy General Manager Phil Cotter: 




BIIA Managing Director Joachim C Bartels:


BIIA participated at a recent European Commission Workshop on Credit Scoring.   BIIA has covered this event with a special report.  

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