Bisnode is a leading provider of digital business information in Europe, with a complete offering of online solutions for market, credit and business information. Bisnode’s business information services help companies to maximize sales, minimize business risks and make better business decisions. We are delighted that Bisnode Germany, which is responsible for Bisnode’s operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has decided to support BIIA’s quest to promote the value of information in business decision processes and to protect our industry against unreasonable regulations.  Part of the membership are the following Bisnode companies:

Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH provides daily updated company profiles including risk and credit information on more than 4.5 million operating German companies. Online access, high performance, reliable facts and an excellent ease of use are the most distinctive features. The product, called Hoppenstedt CreditCheck, meets the needs of quick retrieving trustworthy reports based on high quality analyses enabling thorough decision-making. 

Hoppenstedt360 GmbH offers integrated solutions for credit risk assessment of over 4.5 million German companies.

Hoppenstedt Firmeninformationen GmbH is a premium provider of company information and direct marketing tools. The database contains information on the 300,000 most important German companies with their one million decision makers.

D&B Germany, Austria & Switzerland are leading providers of business information for credit, marketing and purchasing decisions worldwide. D&B helps companies to perform a wide range of business analyses and offers information, tools and expertise that customers rely on to make critical business decisions. They are owned by Bisnode AB, Stockholm.

“Wer liefert was?” is the leading supplier search engine in b-to-b. Users can search with
“Wer liefert was?” free of charge and with over 23 million visits in 2009, the website has established itself as the first port of call for purchasing decision-makers. 

Above companies are part of Bisnode’s geographic region DACH consisting of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Annual revenues in 2009 were approximately US$ 184 million. The region employs 942 information professionals.
Source:  Bisnode

BIIA Newsletter November II – 2010 Issue