International Research Associates (INRA) Ltd. was established since March 1976 by Dr. Frederic L. Ayer, known as the pioneer of credit reporting and corporate analysis in Thailand. With more than 4 decades presence in business, INRA is currently a specialized credit report provider with full of registered companies in Thailand stored in our database together with IT support for XML format and other requirements of our client.  Not only credit report for Thai Corporate, we are also offering worldwide credit report with the assistance of our international partners, who have been carefully chosen on the basis of our standard. Our customers range from State Enterprises, Banks, Multinational Credit Insurance Organizations, Leading private corporate to major credit reporting agencies worldwide, which could highly reflect our high product and service quality.  

Besides our reputable business line, INRA has also been running commercial debt collection service with our own Legal Department in 1990. Chotiwat Law Office Co. Ltd. was officially registered as INRA’s affiliate in 2004 to support the expansion of customers’ requirement in debt collection and litigation service.  Our law office has registered to the Lawyers Council of Thailand.  Every legal document is issued to debtor under the name of Chotiwat Law Office by our licensed lawyers.

Products and Services of INRA:

  • Business/Credit Report – Thailand and Overseas     
  • Directorship Search
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Debt Collection, on No Collection – No Fee basis
  • Litigation & Lawsuit

All of the services are driven by long-experience and high-expertise staffs that could conduct the most reliable of the fresh investigated report, information, and negotiation, with timely manner and quick response of customer service support.

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