Our company operation Vision/Mission is:

Purlieu International was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide direction, leadership and vision for companies seeking to expand beyond their local home market.

What is Purlieu?

During the Middle Ages, in an era when kings grew to great power and ruled over vast empires, there was a period when ordinary citizens were restricted from travel and commerce through certain forests owned by the crown. In effect they were isolated and excluded from participating in the economic opportunities that lie just beyond their reach.

Eventually these boundary restrictions were loosened (purlieu), permitting the people to trade and conduct business without limitations or restrictions, ensuring their long-term success.

In today’s world of economic globalization, rapidly evolving technologies, and an ever-changing landscape of emerging and frontier markets, we see limitless opportunity. These opportunities also bring with them a unique set of challenges and we can help you meet these challenges head-on. Purlieu is well positioned to provide direction, logistical support, and a clear path to expansion for organizations that see the incredible potential of cross-border growth.

We have the experience, the partner networks, and the infrastructure in place to help your company reach its true potential.

Purlieu is the founder and shareholder of Consumer CreditScore Philippines Inc (ccs-ph.com).  CCS is the exclusive FICO partner in the Philippines to deliver a nationally standardized scoring solution to include the underserved in the credit market.  Purlieu is expanding this opportunity across the ASEAN nations.

Purlieu is the owner of the distribution license for RoadPacker Group soil stabilization solutions for SE Asia.  We deliver low cost housing solutions for emerging markets, and we provide affordable farm-to-market road stabilization in emerging markets, offering quick and long-term stabilization of roads to allow for easy access to markets, health care and economic inclusion. (www.roadpackerinternational.com)

Purlieu is the founder and operator of a USA-based health/wellness solution to offer access for the underserved to immediate and affordable health care, secured by blockchain technology.

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