The McGraw-Hill Companies helps individuals and businesses reach their potential in three critical markets driving economic growth worldwide:

  • Financial services: Standard & Poor’s, through its ratings, indexes and related financial analyses, plays a central role in the capital formation process worldwide.
  • Education: The recognition that knowledge is the key to economic growth has never been clearer, fueling worldwide demand for McGraw-Hill Education’s world-class educational materials.
  • Business information: The need for accurate, timely information for business decision-making has never been greater, opening the way for the Corporation’s Information & Media businesses to continue to gain market share and grow.

Through the quality, content, scope and real-time delivery of its products and services, The McGraw-Hill Companies helps its customers countless times around the world each day, providing them with the insight to make informed investment and business decisions, to improve learning and education and to guide their companies and careers. The Corporation has established a strong business platform for achieving solid growth well into the future.                                                             

BIIA Newsletter February – 2007 Issue