Bishop International has been conducting investigations for more than twenty-five years. Our origins lie in the Lloyd’s insurance market where the firm built its reputation by investigating major commercial claims and assisting with the recovery of assets.

At the start of the new millennium the company was reorganized to reflect the changing needs of corporate clients.  As part of the reorganization, Farncombe International, specialists in intellectual property since 1986, joined with Bishop International to create the Bishop Group.

Many of our senior staff are lawyers who ensure that our work is conducted to the highest legal standards. In addition, we employ people with degrees in science and technology and others with backgrounds in media and with language skills. We provide a range of expertise to deal with your problems and clarify your opportunities.

Corporate Investigations:  Every business has its problems. Our corporate investigations practice is designed to enable you to deal with problems that may result from legal disputes, suspicions of theft or corruption, or when funds or other assets that should be yours appear to have been lost or to have become unobtainable.

We know that when a law firm contemplates litigation on behalf of a client, the crux of the dispute will seldom be a point of law. More often, the court’s decision will be based upon the credibility of the plaintiff or the defendant and their witnesses.

Working from a base of many years’ experience, we approach every issue with a combination of skills and creativity that have become the hallmark of our service.

Fraud Investigation

Bishop International has extensive experience of the investigation of fraud in its many permutations. Advance fee fraud, trade finance fraud, bank instrument fraud and money laundering are all situations that we have resolved on behalf of our clients. We have dealt with fraudulent transactions across many jurisdictions. Many of those transactions have involved organized crime.

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