Business Information & Analytics BISNODESAS Institute and Bisnode Group announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership for Advanced Analytics.

By signing the Nordic´s first Managed Analytic Services Provider (MASP) agreement, Bisnode Group enable its customers to take advantage of the SAS Institute software and to increase their ability to gain actionable insights from Analytics. The strategic relationship will include technology, co-innovation, implementation support and enablement activities.

Bisnode quote August SAS PartnershipBisnode Group will, as a part of this agreement, offer managed analytical services to customers based on the SAS Institute software and Bisnode intellectual property. The purpose is to develop and sell statistical and analytical models, as well as the output from those models, such as predictive variables and scores for use in credit, risk and marketing. This will create actionable insights for the customers to make smarter decisions.

“This agreement enables us to offer turnkey, cloud-based Analytics to our customers. They can quickly implement solutions on-demand based on SAS Institute’s industry leading software, and our intellectual property. This will help them become more responsive to market changes and base their decisions on better insight,” said Anders Borg, Chief Strategy Officer, Bisnode Group.

“This is an important breakthrough for SAS Institute in the Nordics. With industry-leading Analytics, big data management capabilities and integrated business intelligence, Bisnode and SAS Institute will help customers use their data as an asset to anticipate and capitalise on opportunities without costly on-site implementations,” said Ragnar Røkke, Managing Director Nordic – Telco, Media, Retail & Services, SAS Institute.

“Customers want quicker solutions but don’t always have the necessary staffing. Managed services will increasingly be the preferred method for companies to speed adoption of new solutions and get access to needed skills. According to Gartner, buyers will by 2017 have shifted as much as 50 % of their sourcing portfolio to managed service models,” he adds.

SAS Institute is the global market leader in business analytics software, with 40 years of experience. Bisnode Group is a leading European Data & Analytics company, offering products and services in the areas of Risk & Credit, Marketing, and Business Information.

Source:  Bisnode Press Release