Bisnode appoints Phil Cotter as acting Chief Marketing Officer to direct the company’s marketing strategy and product offering.

Bisnode has initiated a work of change that will move the company in the direction of its full potential on all markets. As an essential part of this work, Bisnode’s management group is restructured and complemented with a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who will set the overall direction of Bisnode Group’s marketing strategy and product offering. Until the recruitment process is finished, Bisnode Board member Phil Cotter will be acting CMO. Cotter will start in mid-August and stay on the Board alongside his new engagement.

Phil Cotter, acting CMO at Bisnode, has more than 20 years of experience of credit and business information services. He has worked in senior operating and strategic positions in fast-growing global companies and comes most recently from one of the world’s leading business information companies, Experian, as Managing Director of Experian UK and Global Business Line Leader, Business Information.

Phil Cotter is a director of BIIA and contribution editor. To read the full story click on this link

Source:  Bisnode Press Release