BISNODE reported revenues of SEK 2,000 million versus SEK2,105 in the prior year, down 5%.  Operating profit (EBITA) improved to SEK 316 million versus SEK232 in the prior year.  Operating margin (EBITA) was up 15.8 per cent versus 11.0 per cent in the prior year.

BISNODE’s CEO, Lars Pettersson stated:  “Bisnode is undergoing an intensive phase of renewal and change. We are streamlining the company’s operations and strengthening the focus on our core business.  In the spring and summer we completed reorganization and now conduct business in four geographical regions with well-defined profit responsibility.  Much of the central functions for business development and knowledge sharing have been moved out closer to operating activities in the regions.  In connection with this, changes have been made in both the company’s central and regional management.

Efforts to more clearly structure the company’s product portfolio are underway and each region has recruited a Product Portfolio Manager whose task is to optimize our offering and pricing at both the regional and overall group level.

While the market for Credit Solutions is relatively stable, all players in the Marketing Solutions area are struggling to keep pace with rapid technological advances. Our challenge lies in ensuring an up-to-date offering based on the latest available technology. However, we have continued confidence in this segment due to the fundamental need for companies to continuously attract new customers and develop their existing customer relationships.”

As part of Bisnode’s strategy to focus on its core business, a number of divestitures in the Product Information business area were carried out during the period.

  • At the end of May Bisnode completed the sale of Kompass in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.  Kompass offers ad-based search services that identify companies, industries and specific products.  The sale provided a capital gain of SEK 8 million.
  • At the end of May Bisnode sold Hoppenstedt Publishing, which generated a capital gain of SEK 1million. The company publishes a range of trade magazines and books on subjects such as industry and automation, laboratory and life sciences, plastics, handling and logistics for the German market.
  • At the end of February Bisnode completed the sale  of Wer Liefert Was? in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The capital gain amounted to SEK 151 million.
  • In January Bisnode sold an operating unit in Lundalogik AS in Norway, providing a capital gain of SEK 7 million.
  • In June Bisnode acquired the credit information company Avidus in Croatia. In 2011 the company had annual revenue of around EUR 140,000 and 5 employees.

BISNODE renewed its strategic agreement with D&B International. The agreement extends over the coming 10-year period, covers 11 markets and providing a greater scope to further develop BISNODE Credit Solutions based on global data.”

Source: BISNODE Press Release