Bisnode_cmykBisnode launches the solution Bisnode Business Contacts – a product that supplies updated contact information to 40 million European companies directly to your company’s CRM system.  

All companies want to sell but for a sales process to be successful, it is crucial to have updated information about potential buyers.   Despite this, an average of almost 40 percent of this type of information in companies’ existing databases is either unreliable or inaccurate.

What is Bisnode Business Contacts? 

Bisnode Business Contacts provides an effective solution to these challenges. This product enables companies to access up-to-date information about 40 million companies and 40 million decision-makers in 21 European countries, directly in its existing CRM system.  Bisnode Business Contacts is an application in Salesforce that can easily be downloaded via Appexchange. Once the licence has been confirmed, Salesforce-users are able to download and match data to their CRM system.

Increased Range and Efficiency

Bisnode Business Contacts is mainly advantageous to companies that want to access the European market, but there are also additional benefits. Mohamed asserts that having accurate and up-to-date data all in one place makes the sales process both faster and more secure, as the company in question doesn’t have to search for the information it needs.

Source:  Bisnode Press Release