Fourteen of Sweden’s foremost companies for decision support merge into one single brand: Bisnode.  The reason for uniting the group’s competence and experience is to enable a broader offering and to facilitate the development of future tools for decision-making.  The change is carried out in all of Bisnodes 19 markets, and consequently Bisnode becomes one of Europe’s largest suppliers of credit, market and business information.

Some of Sweden’s leading brands for decision support, for instance D&B, Soliditet, PAR, InfoTorg and Affärsdata, become Bisnode on May 14.  As a result, Bisnode’s customers will have access to 617 years of experience from credit, market and business information, all in one place.  Bisnode offers companies and organizations all over Europe help transforming data into insights, whether it be small everyday questions or larger strategic decisions. In Sweden, around 1 000 people are united into one mutual organization in order to create long-term, next-generation solutions for enabling smart decisions.

”We’re carrying out one of Europe’s largest processes of change to lead the evolution within decision support and business information forward. New customer demands and work methods present new possibilities for us. At the moment, we notice an increased need for converting large amounts of information to relevant insights through advanced analyses at the same time as our customers request more user-friendly and integrated solutions”, says Lars Pettersson, President and CEO of Bisnode.

Source:  Bisnode Group Press Release