Bisnode200Bisnode’s total revenues amounted for Q3 were SEK 867 million (884).  Organic growth was -1.7 per cent (adjusted for foreign exchange effects), with negative growth in Region Nordic.  DACH and BeNeFra partially offset by a positive sales trend in Central Europe.  Operating margin (EBITA) was 7.1 per cent (7.8).

Total revenues for nine months (January – September) amounted to SEK 2,723 million (2,884).  Organic revenue growth was -1.3 per cent (adjusted for foreign exchange effects),with positive growth in Region DACH and Central Europe, somewhat offset by negative growth in Region Nordic and BeNeFra.  Operating margin (EBITA) was 6.7 per cent (13.4).  Operating profit (EBITA) excluding capital gains was SEK 191 million (219), including non-recurring costs for the period of SEK 96 million.  Costs relating to the ongoing restructuring program were SEK 88 million resulting in an adjusted operating margin of 10 per cent.  Capital losses for the period were SEK 8 million (166).  Operating profit (EBITA) including capital gains and non-recurring items was SEK 183 million (385).

Lars Pettersson commented:  “The change process that was initiated in 2012 continues with high intensity during 2013.  After having established new and ambitious targets, our efforts have been focused on simplifying the organisational structure and on streamlining the workflows to facilitate faster and more agile operations. We have come a long way towards meeting our goals.  The structure is considerably simplified compared to Q3 last year. We can by now proudly state that all of our operations across nineteen countries operate under the Bisnode brand name. In addition, we feel that we have found a good balance between Group-wide initiatives/offerings and the local mandate to leverage the harmonised “One Bisnode”.

Source: Bisnode Press Release