Bisnode200Bisnode Southern Markets strengthens D&B business knowledge and customer relationship by acquiring Slovenian BONITETNA HISA I., D.O.O., Croatian BONLINE D.O.O., and Serbian RATING D.O.O.

The companies’ operations cover Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and offer credit solutions services to local and international B2B clients.

Newly acquired companies are until May 2016 the licensed re-seller/franchisee of the D&B product suite for the above-mentioned countries. Target companies’ consolidated operational revenue is EUR 1,232m. Acquisition contract will be effective from January 2016 and integration will be done throughout 2016.

In addition to the scale benefits the acquisition brings, it increases Bisnode’s customer base and market penetration, as well as opens the potential to speed up development of Croatia, Serbia and other Southern Markets countries. It is also logical bridge as Bisnode agreed with Dun & Bradstreet in October 2015 to extend partnership for those markets starting from June 2016.

“The acquisition enables Bisnode to secure existing D&B business knowledge and customer relationship and start to build on them with an immediate effect. Our combined competences will serve our customers in their need to define and analyse their growth potential, predict risks and gain valuable insights on truly global scale – both in form of standalone products or decisions integrated to their systems”, says Maria Anselmi, General Manager Bisnode Southern Markets.