Bloomberg LP, the financial news powerhouse, is preparing to launch Bloomberg Government on Jan. 1, 2011. Like the recently launched Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg Government is a web-based subscription service that can be accessed from your own laptop, no proprietary Bloomberg terminal necessary. Also like Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg Government charges a fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage. Subscriptions are $475 per month, adding up to $5,700 annually. Bloomberg is offering 45-day free trials prior to the launch date. For contact information, see:

Bloomberg Government is designed to serve a variety of information needs revolving around U.S. federal government legislation, regulation, and spending. The unifying theme is the impact—positive, neutral, and negative—that federal government actions might have on industry. The product is intended to appeal to corporate and financial audiences with U.S. business concerns, regardless of their proximity to Washington. With the price tag (high for many in the Washington market), ease of use, slick style with plenty of color and white space, and relatively non-technical content, Bloomberg Government is suited for those at the executive level who want to do a bit of their own intelligence gathering. With background and contact information for members of Congress and their staffs, Bloomberg Government may also help with the Washington schmooze.  Source: NewsbrakesInfotoday

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