BIIA Member BSG published its fifth report on Asian B2B online media. The report tracks the financial performance of the top Asian B2B media companies that are publicly-listed or publish reliable financial figures.  The following is a summary of the major players:

Baidu, the rapidly growing Chinese search engine, surged past, Pico and Xinhua Finance to seize the number one ranking in terms of revenues. Baidu posted revenues of US$469 million in 2008 compared to US$240 million the year before.

Second place is held by, another company with fast growing revenues. recorded revenues of US$440 million in 2008 (vs. revenues of US$298 million the year before).

Hong Kong-listed Pico Far East generated revenues of just under US$340 million or if the business of its Thai subsidiary is included in the total, Pico had revenues of US$369 million. 

Fourth place is held by Xinhua Finance with revenues US$279 million, while Global Sources ranked fifth with revenues of just under US$207 million. It is important to note, however, that over the last year Xinhua Finance has sold off many of its key subsidiaries. As a result of those asset disposals, Xinhua Finance’s management is now forecasting 2009 revenues to plummet down to US$34 million. Consequently, in the next edition of this report, BSG expects Global Sources to move into fourth place.

To order this report contact Kerry Wong, Researcher (Business Strategies Group, Hong Kong)

BIIA Newsletter July – August 2009 Issue