BvD launches new tool to empower company valuations.  Valuation Catalyst is an Excel-based tool that automates elements of the valuation appraisal.  The Valuation Catalyst pulls business data from BvD’s company and deal databases, pushes it through a series of models then presents a range of valuations.  In the background, the Valuation Catalyst finds comparable companies and historical deals that can be used to assess the subject company. These are sourced from BvD’s Orbis which contains detailed information on companies and its Zephyr deals database. Both products have global coverage.

Valuation Catalyst has been developed in-house by BvD with valuable input and advice from experts at Cass Business School, University of London. It incorporates a variety of Add-in and web services technology that that links the models, spreadsheets and BvD products.

Source: Bureau van Dijk