vernetztGermany based Bürgel announced the launch of BÜRGEL MANAGER NETWORK powered by Axon Insight.  For companies the Bürgel Manager network is a Web-based service, which provides a graphic illustration of how top-decision makers are linked with their own top contacts.

Essentially the new service answers questions such as:  Who is conductiong business with whom and how are they networked?  Do my contacts know each other, if yes, how well are they connected?  How can I utilize my contacts to generate new leads?

In the past it was difficult to find answers to these questions and even if attempted it would have been quite timeconsuming to find the answers.

Now there is a solution which answers any of these questions quite easily and expeditiously:  BÜRGEL MANAGER NETWORK powered by Axon Insight.

Source:  Bürgel Press Release

Editorial Comment:  Bürgel is a German based business information provider.  Linking up with Axon Insights is quite an innovative way to claw back market share within Germany.

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