Business Credit Reports (BCR) has delivered powerful new innovations that give small businesses the ability to have a sophisticated beginning-to-end business credit system, similar to those utilized by larger companies, with affordable pricing and terms. These innovative solutions make managing credit at small companies easier and help the company to grow through increased revenue and fewer losses due to payment delinquency.

BCR’s recently-announced customizable online credit application and Payment Performance Insights provide the bookends to a business credit management solution that is centered on BCR’s line of 20+ proprietary multi-bureau blended business credit reports.

The customizable online credit application, which is available to all BCR customers at no charge, enables small businesses to accurately and reliably capture information from credit applicants. This makes processing credit applications faster and more efficient by eliminating paper shuffling and data entry.

BCR’s Decision Assistant gives small businesses access to the kind of multi-bureau automated decisioning tools that big companies have been using for years.  With Decision Assistant, small businesses are able to auto-decision a large portion of credit applications, reducing the number of manual reviews needed.

Multi-bureau Credit Reports are the core of BCR’s small business credit solution, combining the best information each credit bureau has to offer with advanced analytics. Blended reports drive faster business growth by delivering:

  • Higher hit rates
  • More credit history information
  • Ability to approve more deals and issue higher credit lines

Account Monitoring is a key tool toward assuring that customers will continue to pay their credit bills on time. BCR’s Lifetime Monitoring service sends alerts when key changes are made to the company’s credit profile. A small business can monitor as few as one company or thousands of companies at an affordable price.

Payment Performance Insights compares a small business’s accounts receivables portfolio to credit bureau-powered industry benchmarks and analytics, helping small businesses to understand customer payment performance to prioritize collections and reduce overall delinquency.

All of BCR’s products and services are available with no minimums, no contracts and no annual fees. This means even small companies with modest budgets can afford sophisticated credit management tools without the risk of a long-term commitment.

“We set out to deliver a suite of tools that were as sophisticated as the solutions that, until today, only big companies could afford,” said Pam Ogden, president of Business Credit Reports. “BCR is big on small business and we’re proud to make tools like this accessible to them.”

About Business Credit Reports, Inc. – Business Credit Reports is the largest independent provider of credit information on businesses in the USA, Canada and international and is uniquely licensed to offer multi-bureau reports featuring Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Graydon, Creditreform and Ansonia information. Reports are delivered online with one login and one invoice via BCR’s cloud-based report gateway. Offering a proprietary suite of reports blending information from multiple credit bureaus with robust analytics and relevant scores, BCR offers pay-as-you-go monthly billing with no minimums, no annual fees and no contracts required. Since 1989, over 20,000 users have relied on BCR as a trusted and innovative leader in small business credit information.

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