BIA“Business Information Agency” (BIA) that is the largest provider of business information in Georgia via its online “Business Catalogue” ( – has been a member of BIIA since 2013.  BIA reports that various rapid changes have taken place in the company for the last year.

BIA has become aware that a vast number of Georgian businesses lack adequate personnel to effectively communicate their news and offers to the public or do not have time to do so.  That is why within the scope of the project PR Exchange (, BIA launched a brand new service “PRX Agent” that is specifically designed to suit such companies’ needs. Through “PRX Agent” companies are able to use our PR Exchange web platform to have their news, events, offers and plans posted and communicated to customers, other businesses, NGOs, etc. Thus, ultimately “PRX Agent” is geared towards the companies without competent marketing or PR staff to create a desired brand image and relate to different business stakeholders.

Furthermore, BIA has implemented a new service “Email Marketing” that aids customers to contact their target groups (individuals as well as companies) using filters provided in the unique search system of our Business Catalogue. However, BIA does not engage in the sale of the abovementioned emails, it merely aids the customers in creating a message, selecting the target group as well as delivering the message and monitoring the message status.

Additionally, BIA has been consistently expanding its partnerships on the international business information market. A recent addition to our list of global partners is CredInform (, one of the leaders on the Russian market aiming to reduce commercial risks and build up trust among business representatives. CredInform boasts an extensive detailed database covering more than 7 million companies. Both parties are to benefit from the partnership, as Credinform will obtain comprehensive information about the Georgian market and companies, while companies registered in our Business Catalogue will be able to once more boost their international exposure.

Finally, the data in our online database “Business Catalogue”, that is collected, maintained and enhanced by team of BIA on regular basis, has been increased by 40% in the last year.

Source:  Business Information Agency (BIA) Georgia