Analytics and platforms are becoming key differentiators in business information services.  We are now 75 days into 2012 and BIIA has tracked 70 announcements of acquisitions, new product introductions, partnerships, international expansion and new company launches.  23% of announcements involved analytics, decisioning systems and fraud prevention services, 20% involved b2b data and 13% for platforms/workflow tools.

BIIA has also picked up a new trend which involves consultative services accounting for 10% of announcements.  These consultative services involve actionable professional recommendations going beyond the traditional delivery of data or content solutions (see chart on the left). 

36% of the announcements were new product introductions, 26% involved acquisitions, 19% involved partnerships where companies with content are partnering with companies with skills in analytics, workflow tools and consultative capabilities.  11% of announcement involved divestitures as companies continue to prune their product portfolios (see chart on the right).

Source: BIIA Research