Earning Reports Q1 2013 May 01

What Grows?  The Q1 earnings season is now behind us and there are some interesting contrasts!  … And the winners are:  S&P Indices, Credit Rating Agencies and Creditsafe!

Equifax’s results were buoyed by an acquisition in the fourth quarter, otherwise the results in US CIS would have been a meager 2%.  Experian motored ahead with double digit growth; it admitted challenging conditions in Asia Pacific and Europe.  TransUnion results were impacted negatively by foreign exchange.

FICO’s overall results are still buoyed by the Adeptra acquisition, while scores revenues declined by 1% and tools revenues declined 5%.  D&B’s Q1 revenue decline has slowed compared to 2012.  Acxiom is still in minus territory, while Experian’s marketing services grew at 9%.

Rating agencies are still way ahead in double digit growth.  Growth of their respective analytical services appears to be slowing.  McGraw-Hill’s Commodities & Commercial Markets were flat.

BIIA’s deputy general manager and contributing editor recently wrote a comparison of Equifax and Experian Q1 results.  To read the report you need to log on.