Business Strategies Group has recently updated its April 2008 report on the Indian B2B Media Industry.  This report provides a summary of the key developments in India’s B2B media industry over the past year. The report is segmented into online & mobile, exhibition and print developments.   Despite the ongoing global economic turmoil, India’s overall economy has been reasonably robust.  The Economist is forecasting the Indian economy to grow by 5.0% in 2009/10 and GDP growth is expected to accelerate in 2010/11 to 6.4%.   Inflation remains a concern forecast at 5.1% in 2009/10 and the central government budget is expected to widen to 7.7% of GDP in this financial year 2009/10 (April to March).  Although Indian exports have tumbled, the continuing strength of domestic demand has held the economy more or less on course.    According to a 2007 report from FICCI-PWC, To order this report contact: Kerry Wong Researcher:

BIIA Newsletter October – 2009 Issue