Building on the success of their established UK platform for multi-bureau processing, Callcredit have launched their unique multi-bureau data solution in Ireland.

Combining data from multiple sources, including the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) and the more recently-formed Central Credit Register (CCR), the solution is the first of its kind for lenders operating in Ireland. It provides data from multiple sources in a single decision-ready credit format, to help financial institutions and lenders make more informed assessments of consumers’ affordability and risk.

The benefits of taking in both data sources can include enhanced insight into affordability and indebtedness, fairer decisions, reduced bad debt, increased operational resilience and simplified underwriting – all of which will improve the customer journey.

The multi-bureau capability is built on our  DecisionCX Data Hub platform, with customers in the UK having attested to increased acceptances and reduced referrals as result of the service.

Source: Callcredit Press Release