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Tech Giants `Nervous’ as Judge Drafts First Data Rules in India

Former Supreme Court judge Srikrishna is leading the effort to draft new data-privacy laws for India that will regulate how tech giants from the US and elsewhere operate in the nation of 1.3 billion. His recommendations carry particular weight because India is already the biggest market for companies like Facebook and offers enormous potential for dozens more. The committee Srikrishna ... Read More »

CIBIL Credit Score Now Available Free Online on WhatsApp

Wishfin, a Fintech startup, has integrated with Whatsapp to launch a new product called ‘Whatsapp for Credit Score’.  As a result consumers can now get CIBIL credit scores on Whatsapp. In India, credit scores are provided by credit bureaus like CIBIL, Equifax, and Experian. However, the most common are the credit scores provided by CIBIL. A CIBIL credit score, like ... Read More »

Blockchain Application: Four Banks Go Live on we.trade Blockchain Platform

The we.trade blockchain platform is now live across 11 European countries, with four banks closing seven trade transactions.  The pilot transactions, which took place over the last five days, were carried out by 10 companies across five countries. The four banks involved were HSBC, KBC, Nordea and Rabobank. Powered by Hyperledger Fabric, we.trade is a solution for managing, tracking and ... Read More »

Callcredit launches Ireland’s first multi-bureau data solution

Building on the success of their established UK platform for multi-bureau processing, Callcredit have launched their unique multi-bureau data solution in Ireland. Combining data from multiple sources, including the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) and the more recently-formed Central Credit Register (CCR), the solution is the first of its kind for lenders operating in Ireland. It provides data from multiple sources ... Read More »

Alibaba Seeks to Eliminate Middlemen in Blockchain Payments Patent

Alibaba has been exploring the use of blockchain technology to speed up international payments, according to a new patent filing. The patent application – “A System and Method That Adjusts Account Balance on a Blockchain” – was filed with the China State Intellectual Property Office in January of this year and was revealed on Friday. Aimed to tackle the broad ... Read More »

Analytics: Four in Five Businesses Investing in Advanced Analytics

New report from Experian reveals four strategic priorities for businesses Experian has identified four key priorities for businesses in an evolving market place, all influenced by technology and consumer experience. Organisations are targeting investments in data technologies to boost growth.  Experian’s Business Review found companies are shaping their strategies around: data and analytics; customer insight and customer experience; fraud and ... Read More »

Governance, Risk and Compliance: Revealing the True Cost of Financial Crime

Thomson Reuters published a report on “Revealing the True cost of Financial Crime”.  The report can be downloaded from its website. For those forced into slave labor by criminals infiltrating supply chains, or the victims of sex trafficking gangs who launder their profits through the financial system, the cost is catastrophic. For others, it is wrongly seen as a victimless ... Read More »

Blockchain: What Business Executives Need To Know

Almost every board of directors and senior business leader knows of the blockchain. Not all are fans of cryptocurrency, but all seem to be deeply interested in exploring the business impact of the distributed ledger that makes crypto-currencies work. There are quite a few interesting use cases out there. Some may hold great potential. But there are also lots of interesting ... Read More »

Meet our Member Rubix Data Sciences Private Limited

Rubix Logo Image

Rubix Fact Sheet Founded in 2017 in Mumbai. Corporate office in Neelkanth Business Park, Vidyavihar with associate offices in 3 locations – Mumbai, Bangalore and Noida. Founding members are Mohan Ramaswamy, Samir Modi and Dr. Vishnu Ramachandran, who have 60+ years of combined leadership experience in the Risk & Information Services Industry. Funded by leading information industry professionals, noted early ... Read More »

USA Risk Climate: Speed of B2B Payments in the Americas Declines

Increasing level of deterioration in payment practices in the Americas The latest results of annual B2B payment practices survey conducted by global credit insurer Atradius show an increasing level of deterioration in payment practices in the Americas. Average payment duration increased from 61 days in 2017 to 63 days in 2018. On average, 90.3% of respondents frequently experience late payments ... Read More »

Itentity Management: Infutor Launches ‘ReachSmart’ Targeting Tool

In the US, data-driven consumer identity management firm Infutor has launched a solution called ReachSmart Digital ID, to help marketers reach more of their precise target consumers. Infutor’s solutions help marketers to target consumers’ before, during and in between engagements’. Last year, the firm launched a predictive consumer intelligence marketplace solution called Auto In-Market, which uses consumer identities and predictive analytics ... Read More »

Taxonomy News: WAND Facilities Management Update!

This month WAND reviewed and updated the WAND Facilities Management Taxonomy.  New terms have been added throughout this comprehensive taxonomy. The WAND Facilities Management Taxonomy has 759 categories and 374 synonyms relating to all areas of Facilities Management including Management and Services, Sustainability Management, and Facility Inspections and Testing. Maintenance and Repairs now includes the area of Custodial Services, along with ... Read More »

Ant Financial Launched a Blockchain-based Remittance Service

Ant Financial launched a blockchain-based service that lets Hong Kong’s large Filipino working population send funds to family back home quickly and securely. For now, the program is in a three-month trial period during which transaction fees will be waived. “We are very excited to introduce this new remittance solution to our users in Hong Kong, and in particular to ... Read More »

TransUnion Completes Acquisition of iovation

TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) has announced that it has completed the acquisition of iovation, one of the most advanced providers of device-based information in the world, strengthening its leadership position in fraud and identity management. iovation pioneered the device intelligence industry and provides a highly advanced digital device reputation consortium, with insight into nearly 5 billion unique devices from more than 35,000 leading ... Read More »

Is GDPR Good For SME Data?

Small and midsize businesses face a unique set of challenges when addressing compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. In many ways they’re under more pressure than larger firms because resources are usually limited, making penalties for noncompliance potentially disastrous. Allocating enough money to overhaul content procedures can limit opportunities for short term growth. In fact, a recent survey ... Read More »

5 Keys to Using AI and Machine Learning in Fraud Detection

We picked up this interesting article from FICO blog series. Payment fraud is an ideal use case for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and has a long track record of successful use. When consumers get a call, text, email or in-app messages from their card issuer asking them to validate a transaction, or informing them of fraud on their card, ... Read More »