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BIIA 10th Anniversary Conference

International Credit Insurance and Surety Association (ICISA) at the BIIA 10th Anniversary Business Information Conference

One of BIIA’s missions is to provide a neutral, open forum through which members, business information users, regulators, and government and public information sectors can debate and resolve common issues.  This was one of the primary reasons to invite ICISA to take part in our conference. ICISA represents one of the largest user groups for business information and was very ... Read More »

FINTECH and the Implications on Banking and Information Flows

The concluding session of the BIIA 10th Anniversary Conference was a presentation by Alex Trott of Acenture concerning the new phenomena of FinTech and the implications on banking and credit information provided valuable insight how Fintech players upset the banking system and with it information flows about lending.  Here were some of the key messages: Banking Revenues at Risk from Attacks ... Read More »

Cyber Security at the BIIA 10th Anniversary Conference

Accidents will happen!  Is your business prepared? Business leaders are often ignorant of the risks of a cyber security breach.  Why shouldn’t they be?  The investment that businesses have made in technical and legal people should make such issues go away.   Nevertheless recent incidences show they don’t! Peter Bullock, Partner at Pinsent Masons, Hong Kong spoke about some of the biggest ... Read More »

The Legal Entity Identifier Discussion at the BIIA 10th Anniversary Business Information Conference

BIIA invited Michael Ritter to discuss the purpose of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and its implications on business information.  Michael Ritter is the Head of Central Credit Register at the Deutsche Bundesbank (Central Bank of Germany) and its representative in the Regulatory Oversight Committee (LEI ROC) of the GLEIS and furthermore represents Europe in the LEI ROC Executive Committee. ... Read More »

Due Diligence in the Supply Chain at the BIIA 10th Anniversary Business Information Conference

The Role of Intelligence in the Disruption of Human Trafficking, Slavery and Forced Labor If one thinks that governance, risk and compliance deal with KYC and financial risk alone you may be grossly mistaken.  While human trafficking, slavery and force labor may not be on your radar screen, how do you know whether one of your key suppliers is involved ... Read More »