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Chief Data Officer

How to Succeed as Chief Data Officer?

Organizations are increasingly realizing the critical role of data and analytics. As such, many have introduced the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) to spearhead their efforts in leveraging their information as an asset. However, CDOs face several roadblocks that can threaten their success. In their new research, Gartner explores the challenges facing CDOs and makes recommendations about how ... Read More »

The Chief Data Officer: Powering Business Opportunities with Data

Businesses on the leading edge have long recognized the importance of data and analytics to their growth strategies. Many are now investing in the role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) to drive their data management and governance initiatives. In our latest research report, “The Chief Data Officer: Powering business opportunities with data,” we take a hard look at the complex ... Read More »

“Most Wanted” Employees: Data Scientists on Top of the List

Data science is revolutionizing every industry, from finance to healthcare, media to advertising, the start-up world to global corporates and everything in between, and it’s no surprise.  The value added to any business that data science can bring is immeasurable, and it’s certainly an exciting area of technology to be involved with. A typical data scientist will be an amalgamation ... Read More »

This Year’s Most Sought-after Date Roles

Organizations everywhere are looking to do more with their data assets, as well as better leverage open data and third party data sources for additional consumer insight. The good news is that there is no shortage of information available. The bad news is that wrangling and making sense of all that information can be very challenging. That is why we see ... Read More »

IBM Launches Data Science Experience Local

IBM has launched Data Science Experience Local, its new collaborative workspace for private clouds. With this workspace, data scientists and organizations that work with sensitive data can quickly, easily, and securely collaborate on data analytics models in their own private locations, behind their firewalls. While cloud is best suited to handle the workloads and the huge volumes of data with which ... Read More »

The Skills That Matter in a World Awash in Data

BIIA member and thought leader Anthony Scriffignano is Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet.  He provides his view on the subject of the skills that matter in a world awash in data.   There is a paradox put forth by the French philosopher Jean Buridan which is commonly referred to as Buridan’s Ass. One interpretation goes something like this: ... Read More »

Importance of Data Insights and the Rise of the Chief Data Officer

Companies have only begun to scratch the surface of using data, and these data specialists have the knowledge to revolutionize their organizations Experian Data Quality, a leading provider of data quality software and services, today announced the release of a new research study, The Chief Data Officer: Bridging the gap between data and decision-making.  The study finds the value of data has ... Read More »