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Blockchain Platforms

European Central Bank (ECB) Weighs in on Distributed Ledger Tech

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently published a thorough exploration of the possible use case for distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) to address the recent fervor surrounding fintech in the banking world. Their conclusions are optimistic and familiar, echoing what experts around the world are saying about the future. The bottom line according to ECB: distributed ledger tech won’t solve every problem that ... Read More »

Supply Chain Startup Fluent Raises $1.65 Million in Seed Funding

Fluent, a blockchain startup dedicated to supply chain applications, has raised $1.65m in new seed funding. Fluent, which last year raised roughly $850k from a group of investors that included mass media corporation Thomson Reuters and Silicon Valley VC fund Draper Associates, is one of several startups in the blockchain space today working on supply chain applications. The concept of using ... Read More »

Kompany.com: Innovative Approach in Using Blockchain Concept to Track Company Registration Information

kompany.com is Moving Information on 100 million Companies onto the Blockchain for KYC/KYB At the joint conference of the European Commerce Registers’ Forum (ECRF) and Corporate Registers’ Forum (CRF) in Cardiff, UK, kompany.com announced its development to provide electronic ledgers of original and authoritative company information. By applying a hybrid blockchain to continuously monitor and note changes of official company information (e.g. ... Read More »

Why Financial Incumbents Need to Be Brave on Blockhain

Jeffrey Billingham is vice president in Markit’s processing division and a leader of the Chain Gang, Markit’s group implementing distributed ledger technology. In this opinion piece, Billingham examines the challenge of developing a long-term framework for blockchain in financial services, while advocating the industry needs to be bold in its action to realize its potential. The financial industry began 2016 with a host ... Read More »

Public Sector Information: Delaware to Seek Legal Classification for Blockchain Shares

Delaware is looking to use blockchain technology in a bid to streamline the cost and paperwork burden of registering new companies in the state. In partnership with smart contract-focused startup Symbiont and New York law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, the planned system would move the process of registering companies, tracking share movements, and managing shareholder communications into a digital ... Read More »

Blockchain:  Thomson Reuters Exec Believes There Will Be ‘Thousands’ of Uses

Thomson Reuters has made two significant moves in the blockchain sector.  In late March the firm had begun contributing to the Hyperledger project, an open-source blockchain initiative led by the Linux Foundation. The project boasts support from high-profile technology and financial firms as well as a number of blockchain-focused startups, and has attracted significant attention for its bid to bring the tech ... Read More »

Digital Asset Announces Acquisition of Swiss-Based Technology Company Elevence

New acquisition adds complementary technology and significantly bolsters senior development team Digital Asset Holdings (Digital Asset), a developer of distributed ledger technology for the financial services industry, announced that it has acquired Zurich-based Elevence Digital Finance AG (Elevence), a technology firm that has developed an expressive language for financial institutions to model and execute agreements with certainty and finality. This ... Read More »

Dutch Central Bank to Create Prototype Blockchain-Based Currency

The Dutch central bank has committed to developing an internal blockchain prototype dubbed “DNBCoin”, according to a recent publication.  It is a strategy to create a permanent digital replacement for cash. Buried in the latest annual report from the De Nederlandsche Bank, published on 16th March, is a tiny item detailing the experiment.  Elsewhere in the report, DNB posits that blockchain tech ... Read More »

40 Banks Trial Commercial Paper Trading in Latest R3 Blockchain Test

A consortium of financial institutions led by startup R3CEV has completed a trial of five different blockchain solutions. The blockchain concepts tests were presented by Eris Industries, Ethereum, IBM, Intel and Chain, according to reports by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. Preparations began early last month, culminating with the test during the last two weeks of February. Forty banks took part, drawn from the ... Read More »

Blockchain Technology Summit – New York City May 2 – 4, 2016

CONSENSUS 2016 CoinDesk is proud to present its 2nd annual blockchain technology summit, Consensus 2016, in collaboration with Digital Currency Group (DCG), the blockchain industry’s most active investor, and Coin Center, the industry’s leading public policy research and advocacy center. The multi-day event will define what is “real” in blockchain technology and focus on how to mainstream real-world applications for ... Read More »

Ripple Joint-venture with SBI brings Distributed Ledger to Asia

Distributed ledger technology provider Ripple and Japanese financial services firm SBI Holdings have announced the creation of a joint partnership, which will expand Ripple into the Asian market. Ripple, which focuses on the using blockchain-like technology for payments, is based predominantly in San Francisco with presences in New York, London and Sydney. SBI is a US$28 billion financial services conglomerate with ... Read More »

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Details Blockchain Strategy

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has revealed new details about its effort to innovate in the Australian equities market with blockchain technology. The ASX is now actively working on a technology transformation programme that will employ blockchain (distributed ledger) technology to potentially replace its equities settlement systems.  In its half-yearly results, the group said it incurred AU$18.7m on capital expenditure during the period ending 31st December 2015, compared ... Read More »

South Korea’s Central Bank Encouraged to Explore Blockchain Technology

A new report undertaken by the Bank of Korea recommends that the central bank monitor developments in the blockchain space and even undertake its own research into the technology. Authored by Dong sup Kim of the bank’s Payment Systems Research Team, the paper sets out by introducing cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers before attempting to predict the future for the technology.  ... Read More »

Blockstream Raises $55 Million to Build Out Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Blockstream has raised $55m in Series A funding to continue its work expanding the bitcoin code base for commercial use.   Blockstream’s total funding rises to $76m over two investment rounds. To date, the company’s signature technology has been its sidechains offering, currently in testing, which enables the creation of blockchains that can validate data from, and transfer assets to, other blockchains. Blockstream’s ... Read More »

Digital Asset Closes Funding Round with US$60 million from Goldman Sachs and IBM

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and IBM join other strategic investors to further accelerate the adoption of Digital Asset solutions Digital Asset Holdings, LLC, a developer of Distributed Ledger Technology for the financial services industry,  announced that The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and IBM have joined its recently announced funding round (read full press release here) bringing the total to more ... Read More »

Elliptic: Identifying Illicit Activity on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Founded in 2013, Elliptic is a blockchain intelligence company. It identifies illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain and provide services to the leading Bitcoin companies and law enforcement agencies globally. Elliptic has recently announced that it has partnered with Digital Asset Holdings, the distributed ledger software provider, on their first digital security issuance. Source:  Elliptic Read More »