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TransUnion Hong Kong Debunks Common Credit Card Myths

A recent survey by TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) revealed most Hong Kongers act responsibly when it comes to credit card repayment habits, yet are still confused about credit basics.  The survey found Hong Kongers act responsibly when it comes to managing their credit cards and understand how those accounts affect their credit. In fact, more than two-thirds (67 percent) correctly reported ... Read More »

Consumer Credit Behavior: Hong Kong Credit Card Holders Least Aware of the Impact on Credit Score if they just Pay the Minimum, Survey Reveals

Hong Kong credit card holders were the least certain about the importance of paying more than the minimum balance on their monthly statement, according to a survey conducted by an international credit information company.  In Hong Kong, 41 per cent of credit card holders were unsure about the benefits of paying above the minimum balance, according to a consumer credit ... Read More »

CIBIL Provides Credit Scores Online Free of Charge

Borrowers can now get their credit score free of cost from TransUnion Cibil, India’s first credit information company.  Cibil said it will offer free annual credit score and report for consumers online. “We are pleased to provide this new offering, which gives all consumers online access to their Cibil score and report in a few minutes from any computer or ... Read More »

Philippines: The Road Towards Financial Inclusion

CIBI Information, Inc. of the Philippines has published its Annual Report for 2016 on Financial Inclusion It is a dynamic goal, or probably even a valiant act, owning the challenge of revolutionizing the consciousness of our nation about the advantages of building a good credit history; by influencing the lending institutions in providing, what we call, responsible lending services; and ... Read More »

Comprehensive Credit Reporting: Almost a Million Australians Are Now Better Able To Access Credit

New study from Veda reveals that more than 930,000 people, who may have been financially excluded under negative credit reporting, now have a credit profile, thanks to Australia’s shift to Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR). The number of people building credit history is growing at a swift rate, according to Veda, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equifax. More complete credit profiles are proven ... Read More »


100,000 Free MyCTOS Score Report Giveaway to kick start education and empowerment campaign CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia introduced the ‘What’s Your CTOS Score?’ initiative, a first-of-its-kind education campaign targeted at consumers of every life stage. Aimed at transforming the mind-set and attitude of Malaysians towards responsible credit management, the campaign is in response to the Government’s call for ... Read More »

SavvyMoney Announces Funding Round and Strategic Partnership with TransUnion

SavvyMoney, a leading provider of credit information services for bank and credit union users, announces the closing of a Series D funding round and a strategic partnership with TransUnion (NYSE: TRU). The round was led by TransUnion, a global leader in information solutions, including credit monitoring and identity protection. Previous investors including TB Capital LLC and Tugboat Ventures, LLC also ... Read More »

Why We Can’t Afford to Turn a Blind Eye to Our Credit Score

Whether you’re looking to secure finance for personal or business reasons, knowing your credit score and how it may shape your financial future is central to any financial decision. However, very few of us know our credit score or have actively tried to improve it, and this is an issue. New research commissioned by finder.com.au asked over 2,000 Aussies what ... Read More »

TransUnion Survey: Credit is Important to South Africans but Few Understand How Reports are Generated

More than 72 percent of a group of South Africans who participated in a TransUnion survey released recently, agree that their credit score is important to them, but only 45 percent say they understand how credit reports are generated. In terms of the above mentioned survey, most consumers are also confused about credit scores and reports themselves as only 36 percent of ... Read More »

Experian Launches CreditMatcher, a Free Credit Comparison Service.

Experian Makes the Nation’s Most Trusted Credit Score Free for Everyone Most adults (56%) feel that getting a better grasp of their finances would help them live a more fulfilled life, and worry more about their money and financial situation (55%) than anything else.1 The research comes from a new study commissioned by Experian, who today announced that the nation’s ... Read More »

Fraud: Digitally-Savvy Users Most Likely to be Victims

Rural retirees are among the fastest growing ID theft victims in the UK Experian is warning the UK’s most tech-savvy people that they are at more risk of becoming victims of identity fraud compared to those who only use digital technology on a practical day to day basis. New research from Experian has found that the most prolific users of ... Read More »

The Home Buying Process Is a Wake Up Call to Many Consumers About the Importance of a Good Credit History and Credit Score

A national survey by Experian about home buying and credit found that many future home buyers, especially first time buyers, do not feel confident about their credit score status. In fact, 34 percent of future buyers say their credit score might hurt their ability to purchase a home and 45 percent have delayed a purchase to improve their credit score. Many future ... Read More »

BIIA Participates in Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) Workshops

Representing BIIA, Peter Sheerin was recently invited as a global credit reporting expert to attend as a speaker the first (of two) Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) workshop(s) on March 14-15, 2016 in Manila, Philippines. The FIDN initiative is an integral part of the 2015 APEC Finance Ministers’ Cebu Action Plan which in part focuses on the key areas on ... Read More »

Credit Risk: Beware of the Gender Gap

An Experian survey revealed that women have higher credit scores, less debt and fewer late payments than men When it comes to credit, who has more financial finesse—men or women? According to the latest analysis from Experian®, the divide between men and women is notable when it comes to how they handle money, debt and financial decisions. Some highlights: Women’s average ... Read More »

CRIF Credit Solutions Website Offers Rich Resources for Credit and Risk Professionals

CRIF Credit Solutions – the global business line of CRIF which combines know-how, insight and technology to obtain sound and optimized decision-making and compliant processes in every phase of the credit cycle – launches its new website www.creditsolutions.crif.com The fully responsive website reaches out to the international audience, specifically Lenders, Telcos, Media, Energy and Utility companies, who can find interesting resources and in-depth ... Read More »

Data Distrust Pits Consumers against Business

Consumers around the world are actively sabotaging business success every day by deliberately providing the wrong information when asked for personal details, scuppering organisations’ growth plans. A new study by GBG, the leader in identity data intelligence solutions, shows consumers are fed up with being asked for their details, with two in three admitting to deliberately giving incorrect information because they ... Read More »