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Eight Ways Cyber Threats & Business Security Will Change in 2018

As cyber-attacks increasingly threaten business and grow in volume and scale, companies will be forced to take new measures to address cybersecurity risk holistically, integrating it more aggressively into their enterprise risk management, according to insurance broker Aon’s cyber specialists in the firm’s 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions report. The report outlines specific actions that Aon believes companies will take in 2018 to ... Read More »

Cyber Attacks Rank Alongside Natural Disasters

The economic damage of a successful major cyber-attack against a large cloud services provider could be similar in scale to the financial impact of a destructive hurricane. The destructive tropical cyclone hurricane Katrina hit the US in 2005, causing $108bn in damage, but that could be exceeded by the cost of a major cyber-attack, according to an expert. “To compare the ... Read More »

Companies Are Buying Cyber Insurance ‘in Mad Panic’

“Fear Factor Pushes Up Cyber Insurance Costs” was one of our lead articles on this subject several month ago.   According to our partner Cyber Security Intelligence the Fear Factor has multiplied and companies are buying cyber insurance in Mad Panic. With cyber-attacks increasing in frequency and severity, many companies are turning to insurance to cover their mounting losses. But can ... Read More »

BIIA Regional Meeting Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Save the Date:  BIIA Regional Meeting – March 14th to 15th, 2018; Phnom Penh, Cambodia BIIA will be hosting its first regional meeting to discuss key issues and concerns relevant to the industry and to lead efforts to promote dialog, identify solutions and to facilitate the development of potential pathways forward. The meeting will be a two day event, held ... Read More »

Top 10 Business Risks for 2018

Here comes 2018. And with the New Year, comes new risks—along with many of the same old risks, but a new perception of their importance or where they rank on the risk spectrum. As we move forward into the new year, let’s take a look at some of the emerging risks expected to affect our businesses and jobs—particularly those related ... Read More »

Applying Blockchain to Cybersecurity – A Research Project

Blockchain technology has caught the world’s attention because of the central role it plays in enabling cryptocurrencies. It enables secure information transmission on the network with no human involvement.  Now, the cybersecurity organisation of Israel’s Poalim Bank and the cyber enterprise of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will collaborate in leveraging Blockchain technology to create innovative cyber solutions. The joint research undertaken by the ... Read More »

Massive Breach in Norway: 3m Healthcare Records Compromised

Hackers have reportedly breached the systems of Norway’s Health South East RHF regional administration, with nearly three million patients’ data potentially compromised as a result. The breach was announced by the authority, after it had been notified by HelseCERT, the Norwegian healthcare sector’s national information security centre, that there had been abnormal activity against computer systems in the region. HelseCert said that data ... Read More »

Blockchain & Data Security: New Bill in Colorado Encourages State to Adopt Blockchain for Data Security

A new state bill introduced to the Colorado Senate is looking at using blockchain technology to secure private data from cyberattacks. Introduced on Jan. 16, Senate Bill 086 suggests that using a distributed ledger would eliminate the need for paper records and in-person updating of such data. The blockchain system would subsequently solve the state’s existing data collection and retention issues, and ... Read More »

Cyber Security: 2018 Predictions: Escalation of Attacks and Possibility of a Full-Scale Cyber War

2018 will see the arms race between organisations and hackers continue to intensify.  As well as this, 2018 could see a full-scale cyber war break out between countries.   There are also predictions that nation states and law enforcement agencies around the world will begin to use cyber tactics offensively within the next 12 months. Growth in number of attacks 2017 ... Read More »

India Investigates Possible Breach of ID Database (Aadhaar)

The government of India has started looking into a report that a database with information on its more than 1 billion citizens is being sold online. Citing The Tribune newspaper, Reuters reported that information on Indian citizens was being hawked on social media for $8. The paper said it purchased login credentials to the Aadhaar database, enabling it to access ... Read More »

Cyber Attacks Will Continue to Succeed

Spectre and Meltdown demonstrate weaknesses in current hardware cybersecurity that will force a huge paradigm shift within the semiconductor industry. Spectre and Meltdown, two methods of exploiting security vulnerabilities found in Intel, AMD and Arm processors, demonstrate weaknesses in current hardware cybersecurity that will force a huge paradigm shift within the semiconductor industry. Software-based cybersecurity, the go-to measure to ensure ... Read More »

Six Cyber Attacks Which Shook 2017

Even as the world is moving towards a life more digital than ever before, the threats associated with the digital world are multiplying manifold, threatening to disrupt life as we have now come to know it.  Cyber attacks are nothing new, but their increasing number and growing potency have become causes for concern for governments all over the world. There ... Read More »

USA: Directors Who Conceal Cyber Attacks Could Face Prison

In the USA a group of Democrats is planning to bring in new laws which appear to make compliance with the upcoming EU data protection legislation seem like a stroll in the park. Named the Data Security & Breach Notification Act, the proposed law seeks to implement nationwide breach notification standards and replace the confusing patchwork of state laws currently in ... Read More »

Ant Financial Says Sorry Over Illegal Data Sharing

Ant Financial has apologized for a checked-by-default option on Alipay’s an­nual bills that allowed its credit scoring system to access user data. Alipay bills and the Annual User Footprint Report that analyzes how customers have spent their money over the past year are widely shared on China’s social media. People tend to show off their purchasing power, especially as the ... Read More »

FICO: Your Company’s Cyber Score Will Be as Important as Its Credit Rating

Cybersecurity Predictions 2018: Cyber Scores and Stolen Eyes “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” That 1849 quip from Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr somehow seems fitting for today’s cybersecurity industry. In 2017 we saw massive change in the speed, creativity and magnitude of attacks — yet the industry plodded along on important issues such as timely data breach disclosures. ... Read More »