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Blockchain Application: Alibaba to Improve Supply Chain Integrity

Alibaba has launched a blockchain technology initiative to protect product authenticity and improve its supply chain integrity. The Food Trust Framework is a Tmall Global initiative which aims to enhance consumer confidence and create trust and transparency for cross-border trade across Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform. The initiative will incorporate standards and controls including product tagging with unique QR codes and ... Read More »

Alibaba’s Profit Slips as It Spends to Expand Its Empire

Alibaba, the online shopping giant, is increasingly going offline. That appears to make investors nervous. The company reported a fall in profit of nearly 30 percent in the latest quarter, the first such decline in a year and a half.  One reason: Alibaba got a bump in profit last year from selling its shares in a social media app.  Another ... Read More »

RentoMojo is Using Machine Learning to Improve and Modify Credit Scores

Bangalore-based RentoMojo, which runs an online rental marketplace for furniture, home appliances and bikes, is using machine learning to analyze the credit profiles of its customers.  It also uses predictive analysis for stock or inventory management. The company, which recently allowed users to own its rental products, considers itself more as a fintech lending startup than a direct e/commerce company. ... Read More »

Blockchain: Alibaba Launches Pilot Project to Fight Food Fraud

Alibaba is partnering with four Australian and New Zealand-based firms to create a food-tracing system built on blockchain technology that will help customers track the supply chain of foodstuffs ordered online, as well as prevent food fraud. The system, called the Food Trust Framework, was established last year through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian companies Blackmores and Australia Post and New Zealand-based ... Read More »

Alibaba increases investment in Lazada

Alibaba Group has announced plans to invest an additional US$2 billion in the Lazada Group, an e-commerce platform operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Following this, Alibaba will have invested a total of US$4 billion in Lazada, including this additional US$2 billion investment. In 2016, Alibaba acquired a controlling stake in Lazada exchange for US$1 billion. ... Read More »

Arvato Introduces E-Commerce Accounting and Payment Solution

Standardized Accounting and Payment Processing for E-Commerce at Arvato Financial Solutions. Designed for international use and highly scalable. Aqount, Arvato Financial Solutions now allows retailers to take complete control of all their financial processes.  Aqount is the ideal solution for companies wishing to outsource complex and time-consuming financial processes from receivables management and payment processing to debt collection. Aqount is ... Read More »

E-Commerce Fraud: Machine Learning Speeds Detection

Led by Amazon in the US, which accounted for nearly half of all of American ecommerce sales in 2017, online sales are a growing part of consumers’ buying habits, worldwide. These changing habits also present increased opportunities for fraudsters, who use evolving tactics and stolen payment card information to commit e-commerce fraud.  FICO’s European Fraud Map shows that card-not-present (CNP) fraud, which ... Read More »

Alibaba to Buy a Third of Ant Financial, Paving Way for IPO

Stake will be first since Ant’s controversial 2011 spin out Alibaba also raised sales forecast after results top estimates Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. will buy 33 percent of Ant Financial, assuming to clear the way for an initial public offering of the Chinese payments giant. Alibaba will acquire new shares in its finance affiliate in exchange for certain intellectual property rights, ... Read More »

Alibaba’s Online/Off-line Ambitions

Opportunity to transform from retail from physical to digital Alibaba has pumped billions into investments including its own grocery chain, a shopping mall group, an electronics retailer, and now the Walmart-like Sun Art. (Indeed, Walmart (WMT, +0.93%) and Sun Art compete in China.) Alibaba has proved itself a canny innovator, prompting speculation about its intentions. It’s not simply a hunt ... Read More »

SME Access to Finance: Amazon Lending & Six Alternative Funding Options for Your Business

Amazon Lending & Six Alternative Funding Options for Your Business Amazon Lending is an invitation-only short-term business loan that helps Amazon sellers fund inventory purchases.  But it’s not something growing sellers can tap for other business needs like marketing, facilities, or staffing.  For these, sellers must turn to funding sources like Payability, savings, or credit solutions. Here’s what to expect ... Read More »

Rocket Internet Runs Out of Steam

According to a recent article in the FT shares in Rocket Internet fell sharply, after the Berlin-based tech investor said it would take longer than planned for some its key portfolio companies to swing into profit. Some investors also voiced disappointment that the group failed to provide clarity on how and when it would deploy its €1.6bn cash pile. The ... Read More »

Alibaba and JD.com’s Latest Numbers Show E-commerce in China Is Thriving

Notwithstanding concerns of slowing growth at Alibaba Holdings in particular and Chinese GDP in general the growth of e-commerce E-commerce appears to move upwards unabated. Today, as Alibaba and top rival JD.com Inc. bask in the glow of very strong third-quarter and Singles Day numbers, such worries are looking antiquated. Just as Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN – Get Report) has been ... Read More »

Banks Need to Fear E-commerce Company’s Ambitions

Banks around the world have spent the past few years preparing for competition from small, nimble technology startups. It turns out the real threat may be Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma. Financial institutions have parried the threat from fintech firms by incorporating some of their innovations through partnerships and in-house coding teams, according to McKinsey & Co.  In its annual banking report, ... Read More »

News from the BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference: Embracing Digitization

His Excellency Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Digital Economy and Society gave the opening keynote address at the BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference on Digitization on October 19th, 2017.     In his riveting speech Dr. Pichet emphasized the importance of digitization in economic and social development.  In order to realize the benefits of digitization we need to look far ahead. ” ... Read More »