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Dun & Bradstreet Eyes Blockchain, Machine Learning Projects

Jessica Davis, Senior Editor of Information Week has recently interviewed Salem Khan, D&B’s Global Leader of Data Innovation concerning Dun & Bradstreet’s move into Blockchain and machine learning.  Dun & Bradstreet has been providing information to subscribers and customers for 177 years. Now it is exploring Blockchain and machine learning to improve its offerings. You wouldn’t normally think of a ... Read More »

Blockchain: Accenture Thinks the US Can Still Be an Innovator

Is the U.S. government committed to testing blockchain solutions? While some at last week’s D.C. Blockchain Summit say they suspect the government isn’t sincere, David Treat, a managing director and co-head of Accenture’s Global Blockchain Practice, believes this answer couldn’t be farther from reality. Despite the sometimes heated rhetoric of the nation’s lawmakers on some of its more controversial applications, Treat believes government ... Read More »

UK Banks Fall Behind In FinTech

The British Government might claim the UK is a world leader in technology, but UK banking customers are missing out on seamless online transactions enjoyed in other countries by a failure of banks, and even fintech, to fully embrace facial recognition, automated data capture and social media data analysis. According to an international study commissioned by identity data intelligence specialist GBG ... Read More »

Customer Identity: GBGroup Commissions Forrester Study

When it comes to fraud prevention customer identity is critical.  This has become a recurring theme based on articles and studies published or referred to by BIIA. BIIA member GBGroup, an identity data intelligence specialist, commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent study of 315 financial service firms across the globe in Australia, China, Singapore, the UK, and the US, ... Read More »

Fraud Prevention: Customer Identity is Critical

Experian research shows online fraud continues to be a top concern across the globe.  84% of Businesses Could Reduce Fraud Risk if Certain About Customers’ Identity Six out of every 10 businesses are experiencing the same or more fraudulent losses online compared with a year ago. Released recently Experian’s Global Fraud and Identity Report shows that fraud trends and patterns continue to ... Read More »

APAC Banks Say Fraudulent Synthetic Identities on the Rise

Synthetic identities fraud is where new identities are made by blending elements from multiple individuals, making the uncovering of fraudulent transactions more complicated. Scammers take these new identities and apply for accounts to build validity for these new personas. Products such as pre-paid credit cards, utility bills and personal loans have all been used as a starting point to build ... Read More »

Identity: Indian Government Introduces Virtual ID

Indian Government Introduces Virtual ID to Enhance Data Privacy in the Use of National Biometric ID The Indian Government has announced significant changes to the way the national ID, Aadhaar, is currently being used for authentication. Instead of providing the actual ID number, citizens will be able to use a revocable Virtual ID and the agencies are required to make ... Read More »

India Investigates Possible Breach of ID Database (Aadhaar)

The government of India has started looking into a report that a database with information on its more than 1 billion citizens is being sold online. Citing The Tribune newspaper, Reuters reported that information on Indian citizens was being hawked on social media for $8. The paper said it purchased login credentials to the Aadhaar database, enabling it to access ... Read More »