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WAND Building and Construction Management Taxonomy Update!

The WAND Building and Construction Management Taxonomy has undergone an extensive review and update. This taxonomy is designed specifically to tag and organize all types of documents associated with a construction project and is ideal for any construction management company.  In this revision, Building and Construction Agreements has been expanded and now includes Contract Clauses and Provisions specific to the building and ... Read More »

WAND Banking Taxonomy Review and Update

Wand has just updated the WAND Banking Taxonomy.  This taxonomy now has 1,663 terms with 1,573 synonyms covering Banking Processes, Regulations, Lines of Business, Fees, Banking Documents, and much more. The financial services industry has been quite proactive in adopting taxonomies due to complex compliance and retention requirements. WAND originally created this taxonomy leveraging experience in helping create taxonomies for dozens ... Read More »

The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy Undergoes Updates and Additions

The Information Technology industry is complex, constantly changing, and growing.  The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy continues to grow and change as well and has undergone another update. Wand focused on three areas. In this revision, Wand drilled even deeper into  IT Security and added terms to Security Threats, Attacks, Encryption and Intrusion Detection. They also expanded Technologies and Fields to ... Read More »

WAND Finance and Investment Taxonomy Update

Wand has recently updated its WAND Finance and Investment Taxonomy.   In this revision Wand has added a branch for Investment Research Events as a narrower term to Analysis Benchmarks, Tools, and Techniques.  This branch is designed to include news events, announcements, or other similar concepts that would be of interest to a financial analyst.  It would also potentially be useful ... Read More »

WAND Introduces Wholesale Taxonomy

Wand has released a new taxonomy designed specifically for the wholesale industry. The WAND Wholesale Taxonomy provides 458 terms and 589 synonyms.  Included are the Types of Wholesalers, Inventory Management, Wholesale Trade Sectors, Financial Operations, Fulfillment, Documents, and Value Added Services. Other top level terms are Events, Metrics, Policies and Procedures, Regulations, as well as Trade Groups and Organizations. The WAND Wholesale Taxonomy can ... Read More »

World Economic Forum Publishes Blockchain Governance Taxonomy

The World Economic Forum may have a solution to blockchain governance, one that could boost usability and access. In its latest paper, titled “Realizing the Potential of Blockchain”, the organization proposes a framework to distribute “stewardship” of the technology, tasking stakeholders with ensuring that development benefits a broad base. This could be established, the paper argues, through a global, distributed ... Read More »

WAND Manufacturing Taxonomy Expanded

The WAND Manufacturing Taxonomy has been expanded.  It provides a foundation of 1,170 terms and 371 synonyms and can be customized to include specific terms to meet the document management needs of any manufacturing company. In this expansion we’ve added to several areas. The Manufacturing Planning section has been changed to include Scheduling.  Manufacturing Production now incorporates Methods, Strategies, Production ... Read More »

Wand Introduces Fleet Management Taxonomy

Wand has released a brand new taxonomy designed specifically for businesses that also have fleet management needs: The WAND Fleet Management Taxonomy. When you think of  “Fleets” all kinds of vehicles come to mind.  Usually, the first thing that’s thought of is a long-haul fleet or a fleet of delivery vehicles.  But there are so many other vehicles that need ... Read More »

Major WAND Information Technology Taxonomy Update

Wand points out frequently that the Information Technology industry is constantly changing and growing and, of course, the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy must grow and change as well. The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy has undergone an update.  Wand has added IT Security as a Top Level Term and expanded Technologies and Fields to include Artificial Intelligence, Digital Mesh, Emerging Data Storage Technologies, ... Read More »

Thomson Reuters Launches ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier to Help Companies Simplify Product Classification of Imports and Exports

Thomson Reuters announced the release of ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier, a software application designed to ease product classification related to cross-border trade. In a recent survey of over 1,700 global trade professionals conducted by Thomson Reuters and KPMG International, 91 percent of respondents cited product classification as a challenge. ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier is fully integrated with ERP software applications ... Read More »

Introducing the WAND Utilities Taxonomy

Our member Wand announced the latest addition to its WAND Taxonomies is the WAND Utilities Taxonomy, the first in its new suite of utilities taxonomies. According to Wand:  “It provides terms common to all utility companies including Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, Water Utilities, and Wastewater Utilities.  You may be familiar with our WAND Electric and Gas Utilities Taxonomy which has ... Read More »

Introducing the WAND Facilities Management Taxonomy

WAND has released a brand new taxonomy designed specifically for businesses that also have facilities management needs: The WAND Facilities Management Taxonomy. In this taxonomy of 604 categories and 325 synonyms are terms relating to all areas of Facilities Management including Maintenance and Repairs, Housekeeping, Sustainability Management, and Facilities Services.   You’ll also find terms relating to Safety and Security, Policies and Procedures, ... Read More »

Announcing the WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal

WAND’s business philosophy is that our pre-built taxonomies help organizations jump-start the development of their own high-quality taxonomies.   Instead of starting from scratch, WAND Taxonomies provide a solid starting point that can simply be customized.  This helps our clients save months in their taxonomy development process and reduces frustration because it is significantly easier to edit and revise a ... Read More »

WAND Finance and Investment Taxonomy

The WAND Finance and Investment Taxonomy has recently been updated, and expanded There are the incremental updates that you would expect to find along with some rather large additions to complete the area of Investment Banking. We have included Investment Banking Services and terms relating to Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office Services.  We have also added a section ... Read More »

WAND Information Technology Taxonomy Gets a Major Update

The IT world is constantly changing and growing and, of course, the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy grows and changes as well.  We don’t always talk about our minor updates, but major updates deserve an announcement We are proud to announce that the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy has undergone a major expansion.  We’ve added brand new top level terms for Data, Computer Graphics ... Read More »

WAND Taxonomy in SAS Ontology Management

Taxonomy and ontology are critical in text analytics because they give context and meanings to the words in the text making them more than just keywords.  WAND provides taxonomies and ontologies for nearly every industry vertical and business functional area.  These models can jump-start a taxonomy initiative for a text analytics application by giving a strong foundation of terminology for ... Read More »

The WAND Health Insurance Taxonomy – the Latest in the Insurance Industry Series

In browsing through our Taxonomy Library Portal, you might have seen our WAND Insurance Taxonomy.  It is a good overall taxonomy covering the Insurance Industry.   However as a result of the Affordable Care Act and the massive changes to Health Insurance, we decided that it was time to expand that portion of the original taxonomy into a standalone taxonomy. The WAND Health Insurance ... Read More »