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Wand Releases the Wand Telecommunications Taxonomy

Wand is proud to announce the latest entry in the WAND Taxonomy Library – the WAND Telecommunications Taxonomy.   Telecom can be more than just a cable or cellular provider.  In the 21st century, a Telecom can deliver a combination of  Internet, Cable, Phone and Cellular services to their customers. While offering plans, bundles, services and equipment, they also need ... Read More »

Expert System and WAND Partner in Enterprise Information Management

Expert System US, Inc., a leader in semantic technology, and WAND, Inc, the leader in the development of enterprise taxonomies, today announced a partnership that will enable businesses to implement a simpler, more accurate organization of data and documents. Making internal and external information more “findable” allows enterprises to be more innovative, to manage the relationships with their customers more effectively ... Read More »

WAND White Paper: Building the Business Case for Taxonomy

BIIA member WAND has published a brand new white paper called  “Building the Business Case for Taxonomy”. The white paper makes the case why companies should be investing in search and information management to improve overall productivity and utilization of information assets.  From there follows a discussion of why taxonomy is one of the critical components to effective information management. ... Read More »

SharePoint Fest – Denver 2014

BIIA member WAND will be exhibiting at the Denver SharePoint Fest at the Colorado Convention Center September  22 – 24, 2014.  Wand will be showing off the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal for SharePoint and talking about how WAND is helping our customers speed up the process of bringing high quality taxonomies into the SharePoint term store. At SharePoint Fest – Denver ... Read More »

WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy Released

Wand has released the WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy Top level terms in this taxonomy include Medical Services, Patient Admission and Discharge, Medical Records, Healthcare Systems Management, Administration, Facilities Management, Medical Facility Oversight, Healthcare Laws, Forms and Charts as well as Policies and Procedures. The WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy is designed for any medical related facility and includes 1343 terms and 386 synonyms.  ... Read More »

Wand Releases New Taxonomy for Electric and Gas Utilities

Wand released the new WAND Electric and Gas Utility Taxonomy which is ideal for any energy utility companies and includes 3047 terms. Top level terms in this taxonomy include Air and Environmental Safety, DSM and Renewable Solutions, Electric, Energy Acquisition Engineering and Planning, Energy Construction Operations and Maintenance, Energy Equipment, Energy Independence, Energy Management, Energy Program, Energy Regulatory and Compliance, Energy ... Read More »

Wand Releases New Logistics Taxonomy

Logistics is a vital component of every business that buys, sells, or manufactures goods.   WAND is announcing the release of the WAND Logistics Taxonomy covering topics, documents, and processes involved in the movement of products, equipment and supplies. The WAND Logistics Taxonomy includes 1497 terms and 208 synonyms. Top level terms include Logistics Documents, Forward Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Transportation, Security and Safety, Service Providers, Warehousing ... Read More »

Wand Announces SharepointTaxonomy.com

Wand launches the SharePointTaxonomy.com, a new website designed to be a resource for people interested in learning more about how to use the great SharePoint Managed Metadata service, the SharePoint Term Store, and other taxonomy features in SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online. There are three main sections on the site: SharePoint Taxonomy Resources:  Links, videos, webinars, add-on vendors etc. that will ... Read More »

Major Taxonomy Update: WAND Information Technology Taxonomy

The world of Information Technology is constantly changing.  To ensure that the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy includes the latest terms, WAND updated all of the IT areas including Commercial Software Packages, Development Concepts, Networks and Connectivity, IT Administration, and IT Certifications.   The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy includes nearly 3700 terms and 424 synonyms. In the area of IT Administration ... Read More »

WAND Releases Procurement Taxonomy

The latest addition to the WAND Taxonomy library is the WAND Procurement Taxonomy, comprised of 145 categories and 124 synonyms.  Procurement is an important operational function for any organization and this taxonomy is ideal for tagging and organizing documents and content related to the procurement process. This taxonomy includes terms related to procurement process, procurement implementation, procurement methods, procurement planning and tendering. ... Read More »

WAND Announces Launch of New Taxonomy Portal

WAND Taxonomy Library Portal helps companies develop a corporate taxonomy strategy to improve in-place enterprise information management systems WAND, Inc., the world’s leading provider of taxonomies, has announced the launch of its WAND Taxonomy Library Portal. The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal provides an unprecedented resource to help companies who are developing a taxonomy strategy. Taxonomy is a critical element for ... Read More »

Does Your Company have a Corporate Taxonomy Strategy?

WAND Taxonomy Library Portal helps companies develop and implement a corporate taxonomy strategy More than 150 common enterprise information management applications can use taxonomy to better organize enterprise information; further, most large corporations have already invested in 15-20 of these applications.  Each information management application is like a separate engine. Taxonomy is like a gasoline additive that ensures that each ... Read More »

Harnessing Unstructured Information: WAND Product Information Management System

One mission of WAND is to make taxonomies available to customers for organizing unstructured information.   Another important mission is to find ways to make taxonomy easier to use.  With that in mind, Wand is announcing the release of the WAND Product Information Management System (PIM) built entirely around the leading WAND Product and Service Taxonomy.  For the first time, it ... Read More »

WAND Introduces Retail Taxonomy

The latest addition to the WAND Taxonomy library is a brand new WAND Retail Taxonomy.  The WAND Retail Taxonomy is a comprehensive taxonomy that covers physical stores, eCommerce, inventory, merchandising, retail policies, payment processing, compliance, retail services, and more.   The WAND Retail Taxonomy includes 1,359 terms and 388 synonyms. This taxonomy is ideal for not only for “Bricks-and-Mortar” stores, but for eCommerce Stores and “Bricks-and-Clicks” stores.  The ... Read More »

WAND Inc. Releases Non-Profit Taxonomy

WAND has developed a taxonomy exclusively for non-profit organizations.   The WAND Non-Profit Taxonomy was created for any non-profit organization so they may better organize and find their content and documents. The top level terms include Board of Directors, Budgeting and Financial Management, Bylaws and Policies, Compliance, Donations, Fundraising, Grants, Members, Programs, Public Relations, and Volunteers.  The taxonomy covers all of the major concepts, policies, ... Read More »

Wand: Tags Go Mainstream – Great News for Taxonomy

Apple announced the release of the latest Mac operating system today – Mavericks.   Usually, this news would not cause a ripple in the taxonomy world but one new feature that the operating system includes is Tags.  Apple has switched to a tag based approach to help users organize and find documents on their computer.   This marks one of the first ... Read More »

Wand Releases Accounting Taxonomy

BIIA member Wand announces that the WAND Accounting Taxonomy is the latest addition to the WAND Taxonomy Library.  WAND’s General Business Taxonomy has a branch for accounting and finance, but it includes just 86 terms. However, these 86 terms just scratch the surface.  The WAND Accounting Taxonomy goes deep.  It includes 899 preferred terms and 692 synonyms and goes deep into important corporate accounting concepts. ... Read More »

Wand White Paper: Organizational Taxonomy and Automatic Tagging

BIIA member Wand has published a White Paper “Why making sure your employees can find information is critical to an organization’s bottom line and how descriptive metadata, taxonomy, and tagging will save money and increase competitiveness.” As the amount of unstructured information continues to grow, organizations who have not addressed search relevance will continue to be at a competitive disadvantage. ... Read More »