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Forrester: Navigating Change: 2017 Predictions

The consequences of today’s customer-led, digital-centric market are becoming clear: great change is upon us (and already happening in some cases). Forrester’s 2017 predictions reveal the big business and leadership, customer experience, and technology changes we anticipate in the coming year — and what to do about them. Business and leadership  The necessary and unavoidable changes to leadership and talent ... Read More »

Fraud: Digitally-Savvy Users Most Likely to be Victims

Rural retirees are among the fastest growing ID theft victims in the UK Experian is warning the UK’s most tech-savvy people that they are at more risk of becoming victims of identity fraud compared to those who only use digital technology on a practical day to day basis. New research from Experian has found that the most prolific users of ... Read More »

Information Literacy: Free FICO Program Gives Students Hands-On Experience Using Analytic Software to Solve Business Problems

BIIA applauds its member FICO for this ground breaking initiative to educate upcoming professionals in using analytics in business decisions. Highlights: FICO Academic Engagement Program gives university students hands-on experience using analytic software Program’s focus is on developing business recommendations guided by analytics University faculty can apply online Analytic software firm FICO announced the FICO® Academic Engagement Program, which helps undergraduate and graduate business students at ... Read More »