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Regulatory Monitoring Reports

Forrester Anayzes the Data Privacy Landscape of 54 Countries; EU Comes Out On Top

The complexity of data privacy regulations varies from country to country. For example countries like China* and Paraguay lack many of the foundational regulations found in most other countries, while many in Europe have a deep commitment to protecting individuals’ right to data privacy. In its new data privacy heat map, Forrester dissected the complex data privacy landscape with an interactive map ... Read More »

EU / US Privacy Shield to Be Adopted Soon

Speaking at Privacy Laws & Business 29th Annual International Conference in Cambridge, Bruno Gencarelli, Head of EU Data Protection Unit said that the Article 31 Committee will be voting on the Privacy Shield pact this week, and following a positive vote, the Commission would subsequently be able to adopt an adequacy decision for EU-US data transfers next week. Gencarelli said that ... Read More »

Russia: Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Schemes

Russia’s Federal Financial Monitoring Service is an Important Guardian of Anti-Money Laundering and the Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Schemes The Federal Law No. 115-FZ of August 8, 2001 “On countering legalization of illegal earnings (money laundering) and financing of terrorism” is a key national law regulating the prevention, detection and suppression of activities related to illegal money circulation. The monitoring ... Read More »