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USA Risk Climate: Speed of B2B Payments in the Americas Declines

Increasing level of deterioration in payment practices in the Americas The latest results of annual B2B payment practices survey conducted by global credit insurer Atradius show an increasing level of deterioration in payment practices in the Americas. Average payment duration increased from 61 days in 2017 to 63 days in 2018. On average, 90.3% of respondents frequently experience late payments ... Read More »

Greater Transparency in Store for Russian Banks with the Enactment of a new Federal Law

Russian Banks are to obtain access to data on company accounts with the help of the Federal Tax Services of RF (FNS).  Access will be provided through the system of interdepartmental online interaction on a round-the-clock basis.  The new service came within the framework of the Federal Law of 07.08.2001 No.115-FL “On the counteracting of criminally gained income legalization (laundering) ... Read More »

US Risk Climate: The e-Commerce Pharmacy Disruption and the Death of the Neighborhood Pharmacy

Pharmacy Disruption?  Amazon announced that it would purchase the online pharmacy Pill Pack. The deal on the surface was interesting and rattled the entire retail pharmacy market, but the depth of the strategy was solid. The full impact of this strategy will show itself in the coming years. But, this is a disruptive move in the pharmaceutical retail and distribution ... Read More »

APAC firms fear turnover losses due to protectionism

Atradius reports that the increase in US protectionist measures raises Asia Pacific exporters’ fears that turnover will decline. According to a recent Atradius survey, 52% of the suppliers surveyed in China are pessimistic about potential export turnover losses due to the introduction of trade barriers such as tariffs or targeted restrictions. The opinions of Chinese suppliers are shared by respondents ... Read More »

DataFox Launches Inbound IQ Solution

DataFox announced the launch of Inbound IQ, a solution for strategic marketing teams to bridge the gap between leads and account-based strategies, enabling synchronized sales and marketing engagement. As account-based strategies grow in prominence, B2B sales and marketing teams are tasked with balancing lead-based inbound flow with account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. This contributes to misalignment on pipeline prioritization and reporting criteria, ... Read More »

Moody’s Analytics Launches RiskIntegrity

Moody’s Analytics launches the RiskIntegrity™ Insight solution, an innovative strategic modeling and analytics platform for insurers. Moody’s Analytics has launched the RiskIntegrity™ Insight solution, a strategic tool that allows insurers to project financial and risk metrics under alternative forward-looking economic and insurance-risk scenarios. This modeling and analytics platform enables management to forecast and visualize the impact of scenarios on key metrics, and ... Read More »

Ruth Stevens: How well do you know your customer data?

Some marketers seem to keep their distance from customer data.  When I ask what kind of customer information they are working with, I hear things like, “Oh, Mary is in charge of our data.  I leave it to her.”  This is unfortunate.  I realize that the marketing profession may attract people who prefer to focus on “softer” functions like research, ... Read More »

Six Myths about GDPR

This contribution by our partner organization Cyber Security Intelligence is just one of many opinions.  If it is true that 6% of organizations will be fully compliant for GDPR, the regulatory system will be overwhelmed by non-compliant cases.  Since the focus will be on large companies first, smaller companies may not be inspected for a while.  However this is just ... Read More »

Qarar CEO Zaid Kamhawi on the Big Deal About Big Data

Special to Gulf Business: What is ‘decision analytics’, and why should businesses pay attention to it? “Data today flows into every area of our economy. The volume, velocity and variety of data being generated has given birth to the term ‘big data’ as a reference to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, ... Read More »

US Senators Introduce Internet Privacy Bill

Coming soon:  The Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Rights Act and the industry can thank Mr. Zuckerberg for that! Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and John Kennedy (R-La.) introduced a bipartisan internet privacy bill that would give users more control over what websites can do with their data.  The new bill, the Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Rights Act, comes just weeks after ... Read More »

Bisnode Divests its Charity CRM Platform

Bisnode is selling its Software-As-A-Service CRM System, Charity, to the Stockholm-based IT-company Softronic. Charity is serving well-established Swedish non-profit organizations and international charity organizations operating in Sweden. The platform is well known in the market and has a strong market position in the growing non-profit sector. “The divestment of the Charity CRM platform is a natural part in the strategy ... Read More »

IFRS 9 – Turning Compliance into Opportunity

Charl Lategan, Head of Consulting, has published a white paper discussing the implications of the IFRS9 Financial Reporting Standard Banks and credit granters are facing an uphill battle since the launch of the new IFRS9 Financial Reporting Standard, which came into effect on 1stJanuary 2018. The new financial standard has credit granters frantically trying to ensure that they are now ... Read More »

Updated Procedure for Maintaining Companies’ and Sole Entrepreneurs’ Registers in Russia

A new procedure for maintaining the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) and the Unified State Register of Sole Entrepreneurs (EGRIP) was approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No.165N of 30.10.2017 came into effect on 1 March 2018.  The previous order of the Ministry of Finance No.25N of 18.02.2015 has been declared ... Read More »

Blockchain to Secure Storage of Sensitive Data?

Data Security is no longer a luxury or an afterthought. With so much of our private, personal, and sensitive information being stored and transmitted online, tight security and privacy are now necessities for everyone.  But, just as more of our lives are going online, we are hearing about more data breaches and hacks than ever. Blockchain technology can improve on current, ... Read More »

HG Data Announces Elizabeth Cholawsky as Chief Executive Officer

HG Data, a global leader in company intelligence for B2B technology sales and marketing professionals, announced that Elizabeth Cholawsky has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and to the Board of Directors. Founder Craig Harris, who has led the company since its inception, will now be responsible for accelerating the research and development activities essential to HG Data’s continued growth and ... Read More »

Finland’s Asiakastieto to buy Sweden’s UC from Nordic banks

The competitive landscape for business and consumer information in Sweden and Finland is about to change with Finnish business data provider Asiakastieto said on Tuesday it has agreed to buy Swedish business and credit reference agency UC from Nordic banks for 340 million euros ($415 million) in cash and new shares. The current shareholders of UC, including SEB, Nordea, Handelsbanken, ... Read More »