Cedar Rose International, based in Cyprus and Lebanon, has developed an add-on for Salesforce which enables users of one of the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software’s to access data and reports on over 12 million MENA businesses for easy client on-boarding.

Salesforce is a widely used CRM platform that allows companies and consumers to build robust relationships and create an ideal environment for services including sales, marketing, analytics and more. The company has over 150,000 customers – with over 3 million users – including 97% of Fortune 100 companies. Cedar Rose has made great efforts to ensure that their data is accessible to those on the Salesforce CRM through the development of their add-on.

Antoun Massaad, CEO and Co-founder of Cedar Rose said, “This add-on will revolutionize access to data that previously was only available in Arabic or Persian, not centralized or standardized. Companies can be identified in local languages or in English, bringing 12 million potential customers to Salesforce users – and for now, the add-on is completely free of charge. For companies using Salesforce who have, or want to have several customers in the Middle East and Africa, and also want access to global credit reporting and due diligence, this add-on is going to save them time and money as well as mitigating the risks of non-payment or non-compliance.”

Cedar Rose International is a business intelligence and technology company that provides global access to data on companies and individuals, specialising in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They help companies to verify customers, avoid late payments and remain compliant with KYC and AML legislation. Cedar Rose has been in operation since 1997 and has won several awards including Digital Technology National Winner for Cyprus in 2018 and Credit Information Provider of the Year in 2019.

Source: Cedar Rose