Cedar Rose 200MENACA – the Middle East and North Africa Consultants Association has formed a joint venture with member Cedar Rose International Services to create the MENA Consultants Due Diligence Center.  MENACA members and clients can download a variety of database reports and request freshly investigated reports and company documentation through this portal.  The Center is due to be up and running by end of Q 4 – 2015.

With a database exceeding a million MENA companies and access to official public records and data sources worldwide, Cedar Rose are able to offer comprehensive due diligence research and background checking of individuals and companies, as well as detailed, accurate company credit reports.  Cedar Rose currently provides services to the major Export Credit Agencies in China, Canada, India, Slovenia, South Africa Spain and Sri Lanka along with world renowned Manufacturers and Global Corporations, Professional Credit Management Associations, ‘Big 4’ Auditors, International Banks, Credit Reference Agencies, Business Intelligence Providers, Risk Management Companies, Security Analysts, Law Firms and Fraud Prevention Consultancies.

The MENA Consultants Due Diligence Center will give users an instant gateway to one of the largest and most comprehensive sources of MENA business information currently available.

Source:  Cedar Rose News