Cedar Rose has opened its new head office in the Omiros & Araouzos Tower on 25 Olympion Street in Limassol, Cyprus. At the forefront of the design of our new office has been a comprehensive eco-friendly concept and approach with the use of sustainable, recyclable, and low-carbon materials.

Antoun Massaad, Co-Founder and CEO of Cedar Rose, commented, “Being a socially responsible business at Cedar Rose we are committed to our sustainability goals as well as the wellbeing of our team and community by reducing our carbon footprint. Our new office has been carefully designed to help us operate in harmony with the environment. Simple steps like improving air quality, increasing natural light, and introducing greenery are aimed at keeping the team healthy and happy. We chose IKEA as our furniture supplier because of their ethical and sustainability policies and products.”

Incorporating environmental objectives and highly efficient, resource-saving technology, we have opted for inverter air-conditioning systems which use less energy, replaced incandescent lights with LED bulbs, and installed motion activated light switches and recycling bins. Solar films that insulate against heat and cold and reacts to the brightness outside by getting darker have been installed on all the windows. This reduces the need for window blinds, air conditioning, heating, and lighting. At the same time, it allows natural light to pass through.

We are very aware that our employees have got used to working from home and whilst some of them prefer this way of working, others may have suffered from isolation and mental health issues over the past two and a half years. With this in mind, we will be looking to implement a hybrid working model so that teams can get together occasionally, but with flexibility around where people will work from.

As the office overlooks the municipal gardens in Limassol, the team will have a wonderful view of different kinds of trees, with the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. The new design will bring the connection with nature into the offices by incorporating leaf prints, blues, greens, and several indoor plants into the scheme.

To give the office a homely atmosphere, a relaxation room has been built, complete with a TV, sofa, games console and some board games.

“We’re also incorporating some standing desks so that our colleagues can take a break from sitting if they prefer to and we have printed photos of staff get-togethers to give everyone a sense of belonging. The whole objective is to encourage communication, teamwork and knowledge sharing, whilst remaining mentally and physically healthy and happy”, Antoun said.

Earlier this year, Cedar Rose joined Ecologi to fight climate change by investing in viable climate solutions and taking important steps towards climate action with Ecologi’s Climate Positive Workforce. As part of this initiative, every month Ecologi plants trees to grow a Cedar Rose Forest in an effort to offset the entire team’s professional and personal carbon emissions. In addition, part of our contribution is being used to support and finance various carbon reduction projects around the world.

Cedar Rose Head Office Address: 2A, Floor 2, Omiros & Araouzos Tower, 25 Olympion Street, Limassol, 3035, Cyprus

Source: Cedar Rose Press Release