The Board of Directors of Cerved Group S.p.A. (MTA: CERV), one of the largest information provider and credit servicer in Italy, appointed Mr. Giovanni Sartor as member of the Board of Directors effective from 28 December, 2018.

Mr. Giovanni Sartor, is a Company employee and Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Accounting Documents Officer; he holds 3,000 shares in Cerved. Pursuant to article 2386 of the Italian Civil Code, Mr. Giovanni Sartor will remain in charge of Cerved until the next ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting.

Following the appointment by cooptation, the board will therefore be composed as follows: Fabio Cerchiai, Gianandrea De Bernardis, Sabrina Delle Curti, Andrea Mignanelli, Roberto Mancini, Mara Anna Rita Caverni, Aurelio Regina, Marco Maria Fumagalli, Valentina Montanari, Simona Elena Pesce, Giovanni Sartor.

Source: Cerved Press Release