The effects of the economic slowdown in 2022 are starting to be felt in the business world. According to a study by Cerved, last year – due in particular to the increase in prices and interest rates, but also to uncertainty about the future – 10,587 fewer companies were born in Italy (-10.6%) than to 2021, for a total of 89,192 new realities, down (by 5.9%) also on 2019, when for the first time a positive trend that had lasted since 2013 was reversed.

The Cerved study (“Companies born in 2022 and the economic contribution of start-ups”) states that “this can only have a negative impact on the overall economy, because in the last 15 years start-ups have been the engine of job growth”.

27,000 workers at risk
The birth losses in 2022 risk translating, according to Cerved, “into 27,080 fewer employees and a drop of 2.5 billion in turnover, because the new companies bring wealth, dynamism and competitiveness to the system, being characterized by a greater propensity to innovation and the adoption of new technologies, a lower average age of management and greater attention to sustainability issues».

The sectors
The most marked decrease in births compared to 2021 concerns utilities (-28.9% equal to 460 units less and 117 million less in turnover), while constructions hold up better (-5.8%): at the disaggregated level, heavy contractions were recorded in the waste management and gas sales sectors, while new businesses in telecommunications technologies, facility management and shipbuilding actually increased. Overall, services have a negative balance due to the creation of 7,945 companies with over 1.96 billion less turnover.

Southern Italy most affected
The geographical area most affected is the South and the Islands (-13.2%), where start-ups historically represent the greatest source of new job creation (32% in 2021), on the contrary, the minor impact was observed in North West (-8.2%), also dependent on young companies (34% of the net employment balance). North East and Center both settle at -10.1%.

Source: breakinglatestnews