China establishes a new State Internet Information Office to oversee the Chinese Internet.

The State Internet Information Office appears intended to help improve coordination among the dozen or more Chinese government ministries and agencies with an interest in the Internet.  The new Internet Agency will be based in the State Council Information Office, the government department responsible for information.  In February, Chinese President Hu Jintao called for stricter government management of the Internet, telling officials they needed to come to grips with the virtual society.  

A notice on the government’s website states: “The new Internet office will guide, coordinate and supervise the relevant agencies in strengthening management of Internet content, taking on responsibility for Internet news tasks and vetting and approval and day-to-day supervision of associated activities. It will also help coordinate the agencies in planning and implementation for cultural development on the Internet.”   The new Internet Agency will also have some say in controlling web games, television and publishing.

Source:  PublicAffairsAsia