As few as 12 different Chinese hacker groups commit the bulk of Chinese based cyber-attacks stealing critical data from US companies and government agencies, according to an article in the Indian Financial Express (December 13, 2011).   The article expresses the opinions of analysts and experts who stated under the cloak of anonymity that the aggressive and stealthy attacks are escalating and can be traced to specific teams.   In essence the attacks can be traced through specific signatures to a particular place and who the attackers are.

China has routinely rejected all allegations of cyber-spying and says it is also a target.   The business community is increasingly frustrated by the US government’s inability to stop this activity and there are repeated calls for the US government to hold other countries accountable through reciprocal agreements.  The paper quoted retired US Marine General Cartwright, a recognized expert on cyber issues:  “Industry is already feeling that they are at war.”  

Source:  The Financial Express India