CIFCRThe China Internet Financial Credit Reporting Forum will be held on November 26th – 27th, 2015 in Shanghai, China. This year, the conference will go with the theme of “Standard regulation, develop mode, innovate technology, improve management”. At that time, we will have the top leading Governmental associations, Commercial banks, the third-party credit reporting companies, Telecom Carriers, E-commerce platforms, Law firms, equipment suppliers, technical solution companies, academies and other well-known leaders and experts on the scene, discussing the challenges and opportunities in depth.

The audience will be executives from the top leading Governmental agencies, Associations, Commercial banks, the Third-party credit reporting companies/Credit bureaus,P2P, E-commerce Businesses, Consumer finance companies, Factors, Telecom Operators, Law firms, equipment suppliers, technical solution companies, academies and other known leaders and experts engaged in Credit Reporting.

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Brochure of China Internet Financial Credit Reporting Forum 2015


BIIA’s Director Lawrence Yee will be presenting at the conference.  He will speak about the following topic:

Lawrence_YeeCredit reporting has existed and evolved for over 160 years in the world.  Yet today, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are in bigger need for external financing.  Recently the World Bank International Committee for Credit Reporting, of which BIIA is a member, has recommended 10 action points to facilitate SME access to finance through improved credit reporting.  Among this Public Sector Information is of paramount importance to many emerging markets and of particular relevance to China.  This will also lead to big data opportunities that fuelled the development of Fintech (Internet Finance).  The speaker will illustrate with some examples to show Fintech’s disrupting force and its funding priority in the world.