Statistics from iResearch Consulting indicates that if the Internet service revenues are calculated, China’s Internet economic scale is expected to reach 74.3 billion Yuan in 2009, up 30.7 percent from 56.9 billion Yuan in 2008. The growth rate slides in comparison with the 52.6 percent in 2008, but is still much higher than the approximate 8 percent GDP growth of China.

The statistics indicate that online payment saw the fastest growth in 2009 among all sectors of the Internet industry, with the trade value surging 110.2 percent for the year. Online shopping is the next, and its trade value soared 93.7 percent. The 2 are both representative sectors of the development of China’s e-commerce, which shows that e-commerce has been the leading force of Internet growth in 2009. According to iResearch’s analysis, e-commerce will remain the industry with the greatest potential to grow in the Internet industry over the coming years. The statistics also predicts that China’s Internet economic scale will reach 112.3 billion Yuan in 2010, and possibly soaring to 273.4 billion Yuan in 2013. Source:  People’s Daily Online

BIIA Newsletter March I – 2010 Issue