CIBI Information, Inc.™ received its certification from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) that was announced in its Bulletin last March 5, 2018. Both CIBI Information, Inc. logo and its banner credit bureau product myScore™ has secured its trademarks.

CIBI Information, Inc. ™, also known as CIBI, is the Philippines’ first and only Filipino credit bureau since 1982. CIBI is nurturing its expertise through its vast affiliation, effective methods and renowned credibility, which was validated by their esteemed clients and recognized by the Philippine government through its accreditation with the Credit Information Corporation.

CIBI’s partnership with internationally-acclaimed consumer credit score and analytics providers, such as FICO™ and GDS Link Monaco, resulted into developing the country’s benchmark for globally-accepted credit scores that supports the financial growth of every Filipino locally and abroad.

The banner name for the consumer credit score is myScore™: The CIBI Bureau Score, a credit score that can best represent the payment risk of current and potential clients. myScore™ can help the approval of credit decisions become faster and accurate while efficiently managing the financial accounts and minimizing any form of fraud or risk in lending. A credit score has become the innovative tool used by lenders all over the world for more than three decades. With the use of the myScore™, businesses can assess whether a person is likely to pay as agreed or if credit shall be extended.

Receiving its trademark from the IPOPHL, CIBI™ and its banner product, myScore™, is another validation that CIBI Information, Inc. ™ shall continue building its brand and developing quality services.

Source:  CIBI Information, Inc.™