Coface, one of the worldwide leaders in credit insurance solutions, is enhancing its organisation by creating Coface Global Solutions (CGS), to meet the specific needs of multinational clients. CGS provides international groups with a global view of their trade risks as well as local management of these risks thanks to unrivalled monitoring and analysis tools.

Coface Global Solutions is a tailor-made solution for multi-national companies worldwide with turnovers exceeding 500 million euros.  Coface Global Solutions provides them with management tools and services that have no parallel in the market.

For each client, Coface Global Solutions deploys a Program Leader who works very closely with local teams that are specifically dedicated to multinational companies.  Therefore, multinational companies have immediate access to Coface’s international network which is present in 66 countries and offers, either directly or through its partners, credit insurance services in 97 countries.

Source:  Coface Press Release